Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Connecting to hate

Do we really want to be shaped and molded by an organization that flirts with hate groups and hate language? If we saw them shaking hands with David Duke or donning a KKK robe would we speak up?

They are unable to discern between reasonable criticism and slanderous material. They are unable to see the difference between anti-Semitism and proper concern about the Jewish state of Israel. The Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has no sense of shame over the grievous connections they make with outrageous anti-Semitic web sites or—is it that they are unaware of the meaning of anti-Semitism so find their identity in the very term that pulls in images of such persons as David Duke, Joseph Goebbels or even Adolf Hitler.

IPMN once again connected by tweet to “My Catbird Seat” and even in the wording before the link they tell the reader that they are connected to My Catbird Seat. As I have stated before, My Catbird Seat is a sister site to Veterans Today the noxious web site whose board is chaired by anti-Semite Gordon Duff.[1] My Catbird Seat’s administrator and editor is Debbie Menon who is also the Middle East issues editor for Veterans Today.

The article that IPMN has linked to is “US House Stealthily Passes Extreme Pro-Israel Legislation” by Philip Giraldi who also writes for Veterans Today. (Most of the writers at MCS also write for VT) There isn’t anything terribly wild about this article; the author doesn’t like a bill that Congress passed, a bill which helps Israel. Giraldi attempts to portray the passing of the bill as some kind of a conspiracy and even suggests that The American Israel Public Affairs Committee helped write the bill. Of course, once again the lie is that Jewish organizations in the United States own Congress.

But the important issue is that IPMN and their communications chairperson, Noushin Framke, believe that an organization that stands up for David Duke is capable of providing helpful news and views especially if it is something the IPMN wants to publish and can not find anywhere else. On both MCS and VT is an article by David Duke, “Do Zionist control Wall Street? The Shocking Facts!” (Scroll down the page to find it.) Menon who posted the article on both web sites prefaces it with:

David Duke lays out the facts of the Zionist control of Wall Street and International finance like nothing else! David Duke, is an easy messenger for many to shoot, but they will find the facts a bit harder to kill and bury. Truth does not lie dead very long, nor does it rest long in the grave, no matter how deep they dig it.

There are other articles—one defending Duke when he was jailed in Germany for anti-Semitism. In that article the author, Mike Harris, states “Today he [Duke] is held as a political prisoner of Soviet/Communist Jews who have infiltrated the German government, because David Duke has the courage to speak the truth.” The article is on both MCS and VT.

Many of the people connected to IPMN will attempt to help persuade the members of General Assembly’s committee 15, Middle East and Peacemaking Issues, to vote to divest from companies doing business with Israel. While this issue is the committee, Mission Responsibility through Investment, and the GAMC’s recommendation it is certain that IPMN will be pushing that item along side all other items which are against the Jewish State of Israel. If for no other reason, and there are other reasons, commissioners should not allow such an anti-Semitic organization to guide the direction taken by Presbyterians.[2]

To put it figuratively, the hand that has touched the hand of Debbie Menon or Gordon Duff who have touched the hand of David Duke should not touch the hands of other Presbyterians except to cry repent.

[1]For more information on this site see, “Veterans Today: Against the Jewish people, against Christians, and against veterans, At Naming His Grace and “Buyer Beware: Veterans Today and its Anti-Israel Agenda,” at Southern Poverty Law Center (Hate Watch). See also http://eyecrazy.blogspot.com/2011/10/johnson-johnson-ge-bank-of-america-kpmg.html
[2] Some of the other reasons for not voting for divestment are (1) Divestment is one sided it does not speak to both sides. (2) some of the equipment that these companies provide brings security to both Israel and Palestinians; for instance when a suicide bomber blows themselves up at a checkpoint or even in cafĂ©, etc. they not only kill Israelis, they kill other Palestinians. (3) Focusing on divestment rather than the needs of both sides, Israel’s security and the Palestinians need for jobs as well as a state, is attempting to take the easy way out of solving a problem. There are more.

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