Friday, May 11, 2012

We have forgotten!

We have forgotten! There are two sides to this story. Not one. ChurchandWorld * linked to The Palestine Chronicle, a Radical Palestinian web News Site.[1] The article is “Decision of the United Methodist Church Will Live in Ignominy.” The article written by Susan Abulhawa is a complaint aimed at the United Methodist Church, since in their Conference, which recently ended, they voted against divesting from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola, companies that do business with Israel. These are the same three companies that the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) with be voting against in their July General Assembly.

The article is clearly one sided and over the top with its language. Abulhawa writes, “The Methodist Church failed to pass a resolution to divest from three major beneficiaries of the most incendiary human rights abuses and colonial crimes of our time.” She undoubtedly forgot about North Korea, Sudan and Rwanda, etc.

To be fair there are some real problems with some of Israel’s polices including water, settlements and some places where the wall has been placed. However there are also some very real problems with the governments ruling over the Palestinian people. And this is where I want to point out that the article is extremely one sided and we have forgotten some of Israel’s needs, in particular her security needs. Even the recent CBS program on the Palestinian Christians, of which I have been very critical, admitted that Israel’s wall has cut suicide bombing attacks down by 90 percent. That is very effective.

And because we have forgotten what Israel’s needs are I am placing several videos with this posting so all can remember what it was like for Israelis ten to fifteen years ago.

There are solutions but one sided divestment is not one of them. We have to be honest enough to talk about all problems.

Remember that the wall and the checkpoints were meant to keep back the bloodshed.

* ChurchandWorld is a subscription site and the price is very reasonable. It covers Presbyterian & Methodist news from all positions, progressive and orthodox. .

[1] The Palestine Chronicle is radical enough to use some of the same writers as the vile web site Veterans Today.

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