Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good news for both Fremont Presbyterian Church and Sacramento Presbytery

Some good news for both Fremont Presbyterian Church in Sacramento and the Presbytery of Sacramento. Yesterday, May 22, 2012, during the presbytery meeting the Administrative Commission which had been placed on Fremont was rescinded. The vote was 52 to 41. One of the very helpful actions was the chairman of the COM stating that he had changed his mind about the AC. I think this is good news for both Fremont and the Presbytery because now reconciliation as Christian brothers and sisters can occur.

For those who are just reading about this, Fremont had filed a complaint with the Synod of the Pacific asking that the AC be removed because Fremont had followed the gracious dismissal policy of the presbytery. They also asked for a stay which was granted. And although the presbytery had asked to have the stay removed earlier this month the synod refused to remove it.

I pray that other churches and pastors across the United States, who are going through troubling reactions to their need for withdrawal from the PCUSA, will begin to experience a new climate of graciousness.

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