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Veterans Today: Against the Jewish people, against Christians, and against veterans

In a time when so many veterans have so many needs a web journal that seemingly provides boundless information for them is a hoax without any morality. Veterans Today is subtitled “Military Veterans and Foreign affairs Journal.” It is also listed as a web network that “is a conglomerate of online U.S. Veteran web sites providing information, news, jobs, benefits, and advocacy for U.S. Military ...” And if you go to the Network site that will seem like a reasonable statement. But if you go to the journal site, Veterans Today, the words will be contrary to what most United States military men & women expect from a helpful service site.

On the web journal there is constant diatribe against both Israel and the Jewish people. You will also find diatribes against Christians. And if you are a veteran there are articles with dishonest historical accounts that will cause you to recoil.

Veterans Today and the Jews: In an article entitled “Zimmerman does NOT represent all Jews” there is a false suggestion that the man, George Zimmerman, who recently killed an unarmed African American, is Jewish. The article sarcastically has lines such as “We cannot repeat too often that Judaism is a religion of peace. Yes, there are a small number of Jewish extremists out there who support child-murdering terrorist organizations like the State of Israel; who shoot innocent black kids down in cold blood; who call for the murder of the President of the United States; and so on and so forth.”

The author, Dr. Kevin Barrett, continuing with his sarcasm writes, “But most Jews are law-abiding citizens, not terrorists – even though parts of their Talmud do exhibit a vastly greater reverence for Jewish life than for non-Jewish life.”

VT is an organization that simply hates Jews and uses hate speech in many of their articles. They believe that the State of Israel was behind the 9-11 tragedy, that the Jews control banks, government and Media. The Chair of their board and Senior Editor, Gordon Duff, uses the old conspiracy theory that the Rothschilds have for hundreds of years controlled the world financial systems and caused most wars. In an article written in 2010 he wrote:
Federal Reserve” means “Rothschild.” “Rothschild” means poverty, hunger, ignorance and, most of all, war. This is all you really need to know. Everything else, the Pentagon, Wall Street, the corporate news, congress, the Supreme Court, the arms industry bandits are nothing but their henchmen, cowards and thieves that sold their souls for cash, the perception of power and vice.
Veterans Today and Christianity: It is clear that VT vehemently despises traditional Christianity. In an article on Coptic Christians in Egypt, Dr. Ashraf Ezzat uses the horrible persecution of Coptic Christians as well as the death of the Coptic Pope, Shenouda III, to point to alleged past evil deeds of the Christians of Egypt. Writing of the early history of the Copts in Egypt Ezzat states:
And if the valley of the Nile was blessed by the gods, one wonders what use did Christianity possibly have for the religious Egyptians? What were the chances of Christ to compete with the mighty Amun-ra or Osiris? How was a multi-faith environment to reconcile with a foreign religion whose followers exclusively believed in one humiliated god? … Well, This proved to be both the challenge and the tragedy for Ptolemaic Alexandria, the cosmopolitan city that combined the wisdom of Thoth and the capriciousness of Dionysus.
Ezzat them blames the Copts for the death of the philosopher Hypatia and the burning of the library of Alexandria.

In an article by Eileen Fleming, “The Jefferson Bible: A rational Christianity and Earth Day 2012,”, the author glories in the idea of a Bible devoid of all its miracles.[1] And one should note that this includes a Bible which has totally lost the Old Testament and this leads to some understanding of how it is that VT hates traditional Christianity.

For many of the writers at Veterans Today Christianity’s connection to the Old Testament and Judaism is, not unlike earlier Nazis, anathema. Bob Johnson in his article, “Hanukkah: A celebration of Superstition over Wisdom,” attributes the holiday to the desire of the Jewish leaders to control their people. (It is truly celebrated because God supplied oil for the lamp in the Temple.) Johnson writes:

At the time, around 200 BCE, many individual Jews were being attracted away from the fear based superstitions and ignorance of Judaism over to Hellenism which is based on nature, reason and progress.

Johnson later writes:
The irreconcilable difference between “revealed” religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and science and real natural progress is that the “revealed” religions believe wisdom comes from fear of God as Proverbs 9:10 falsely claims. The Hellenistic idea is that wisdom comes from wonder, as Socrates said.
And then, in a manipulative way, Johnson uses the Jewish scholar Leo Strauss. He asks this question:
Strauss asks us a very important question – is our allegiance with Jerusalem and religious ignorance and violence promoting superstitions or is it with Athens and free thought and free inquiry along with the science and progress they produce?
Veterans Today and veterans: With the admittance that a small number of United States service people have committed terrible crimes in war, an article, Scoundrel Media Afghan Massacre Cover-up,” that starts like this, “Viciousness defines US wars. No crime’s too great to commit. Human lives are valueless. Only winning matters, then on to the next war. Lies, deception, unspeakable brutality, and cover-up define them,” is a clue about how Veterans Today really feels about veterans.

Another article, “Let your Life be a Friction to stop the Machine” posted by Debbie Menon is supposedly the history of the United States starting with the American Revolution.

It is portrayed as continuous evil controlled by a small elite concerned only with wealth & power. It is the usual kind of propaganda—take all of the evils, true or imagined, never mention goodness or victory, thereby creating a national history that is a monster. The author who is anonymous encourages total rebellion. Veterans should understand that many of the articles on VT leave the impression that US veterans of all eras in all wars were conned into fighting for a corrupt small group of elites.

Sister sites of Veterans Today. Some of the writers for VT, and there are many, have their own particular web sites and/or radio shows. But more importantly VT has sister sites with the same authors and the same articles. Here is a list of some of the more important ones:

My Catbird Seat- Administrator and Editor is Debbie Menon who also writes for VT –she lives in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. [*]

http://www.salem-news.com/ Tim and Bonnie King of Salem Oregon are the main staff and Tim King is also an editor for VT. Eileen Fleming writes for this site.

Intifada Palestine- Elias F. Harb is a Palestinian based in Mexico.

While all of the VT writers write for other sites these four sites, VT and the other three sites, consistently use most of the same writers.

There are also writers with their own web sites who also write for these sites. They include:

Alan Hart who writes at http://www.alanhart.net/

James Wall who writes at Wallwritings

Stephen lendman hosts The Progressive Radio News Hour on The Progressive Radio Network and blogs at Steve Lendman Blog

Veterans Today is a fraud scamming too many people. Although many of its producers and writers are progressive on social and political issues they are so tied to conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism and hate speech they walk in step with the extreme far right. Their sites, articles, writers and future plans should be avoided by those who hold to decent and righteous principles.

[1] See also "Eileen Fleming & IPMN: forgetting the redemptive work of Jesus. " Fleming has responded in a comment on this post.
[*] Today is Sept. 13, 2012--I have noticed that there is no longer a link between VT and My Catbird Seat. Menon has removed any references to VT from her site and Duff any references to the Catbird site. I will leave the link there until I know the division is permanent.


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