Thursday, September 17, 2009

Remembering music and friends from the Jesus Movement

I had forgotten about all of those records. And then my daughter Andrea ask me if I had a Rock & Religion record made at Christmas time when she was three or four and was interviewed by Mary Neely. I didn't, but I started looking at all of those records that I had forgotten about, like "Ping Pong over the Abyss" with the Seventy Sevens and Steve Scott's "Love in the Western World."
That last one has never been opened because it was bought to give away and then we never gave it away.

There are also several Randy Matthew's recordings and Love Song. So I went looking for some of those old recordings on You-Tube since most were a part of the Saturday night concerts we held at WareHouse Ministries in Sacramento. But first that picture of the Seventy-Sevens I took from my daughter Penny's Facebook photos. Why do they always try to look so bad in those pictures?
One of those fellows taught some of my children drums, another the guitar and another the piano. Really they have sweet smiles.
I found a video of Mike Roe playing with Phil Keaggy-they are just having fun, so it is fun.

And then I looked for a song from the recording "Good to be Home," with Paul Clark and friends. I did find the song I was looking for. The title one "Good to be Home":

The words are:

Humbly oh Father, do I come before your door
with arms outstretched wanting to come in
graciously accepting the love you have for me
knowing that your Son died for my sin.

Humbly oh Father, do I come into your home
knowing now that I have been set free
caressing brothers and sisters with an overflowing heart
how good it is to be in your family.

Humbly oh Father, do I lay my head down
upon your chest it feels so soft and warm
the feeling of your arms around me true peace and joy
its good to be in out of the storm
in a house that's filled with love and oh so warm
yes Father, its good to be home.


Alan said...

There's a new Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill CD out which is really nice.

Do you have any of the old "Musicals" like Jimmy and Carol Owen's "Come Together" or "Truth of Truths"?


Viola Larson said...

i remember listening to "Come Together" with friends but it was their record. And I never heard of "Truth of Truths."

I do have an old record of a group that sang before or right at the beginning of the Jesus movement, the Amplified Version. their record is So Free.

I guess I am going to have to get a record player that records CDs.

Alan said...

Brookstone has an turntable that records to thumb drive

Truth of Truths was a life of Christ with a definitely more Catholic favor. "In Remembrance of Me" came out of that album. Another artist I enjoyed was John Fischer. Got his "Cold Cathedral" record which is REALLY old.


Viola Larson said...

I have Naphtali and Still life by Fischer.

Alan said...

Naphtali is one of my all time favorite. I love Mary and Joseph as well as the lines:

"We have the one who created the world
Living inside our bodies
There should be rivers, mountains and oceans
Flowing from our lives"


Alan said...

BTW Fischer's site