Monday, September 21, 2009

A clarification about one of my postings

One of the commenters on my article Some very good articles on Marc Garlasco, the Human Rights Watch member who obsessively collects Nazi memorabilia, questioned the accuracy of the article by NGO Monitor.

Because the person who questioned the accuracy is a friend who I respect I sent an e-mail to the organization asking for clarification.

I have just received their e-mail with the answer which includes some links. The concern about the article was whether Hermann Göring received the Iron Cross in World War I or II. It seems according to the links sent me that he received one during WWI but later in WW II received the Grand Cross version of the Iron Cross. And it was given by Hitler.

The two links are
Reddick Militaria and Trial.

I have had so many disagreeing comments on an article that I still feel is very good that I felt this clarification should be a post as well as a comment.

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