Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Meandering thoughts before Thanksgiving

There is a story, I have forgotten the actual title, it is something like “The Green Grass of Home.” The story is about two astronauts whose links to their space ship have become disconnected and they are slowly floating away from each other and their ship. As they float they begin talking to each other, remembering all of the goodness of life on earth. Very slowly their voices fade from each other as they drift further into space and they are alone. Not a happy story, not a happy ending. Some of us in this denomination, PC (U.S.A), find ourselves in that position. We are becoming disconnected—and it feels lonely. But there is a difference.

In the midst of a denomination where others seem to be trying gleefully to be as theologically different as possible, ignoring the pain that many others are experiencing, there is still at the center of our lives the Lord of the universe. As some move on to other denominations seeking to be obedient to the Lord of the Church—still he is the Lord of those remaining as he is of those going. There is a uniting foundation; it is the One who keeps us in fellowship with one another. But the Lord of the Church will brook no strange vision of his being. He has given his Church the apostolic witness-the authority of his word.

Strangely, but perhaps not so strangely, as many false Christs arise even within the denomination, so our love for the true Christ, Jesus, who is fully human, and fully God, Jesus, who has given us life by the shedding of his blood, will grow and our closeness to those who are intent on following him will also grow. There is a peace placed so deeply at the core of our being that we know there is a holy tomorrow to slip into—it is not disconnected from the mother ship—the Church that is anchored to Christ and his word.

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