Sunday, November 4, 2012

Iran's persecution of Christians

A few days ago a friend sent me an article on the persecution of Christians in Iran. The article entitled, Shining a Spotlight on Iran’s persecution of Christians is written by David Burrowes. It begins:

Have you heard the one about the American and the Iranian Christian? The American asked him when his family converted to Christianity, expecting the response to speak of a recent transition from Islam. The Iranian replied, 'about two thousand years ago'. This conversation could have taken place throughout the Middle East - Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq and Iran where many family lines lead back to the earliest Christian Church - as well as many from other religious backgrounds who have come to faith in Jesus Christ.

The Iranian could also have pointed out that Christianity was embedded in Persian society - along with Zoroastrianism and Judaism - long before the arrival of Islam. He could express pride that Iran provided the backdrop for five books of the Bible and recall the time when missionaries from the early Iranian Church brought the Christian message to China, India, Central Asia and even England.

Burrowes also writes:

We have heard evidence of widespread, state-perpetrated attacks on a Church which has been driven underground through fear. Our report, which will be launched later today, catalogues abuses including the arbitrary arrest and imprisonment of more than 300 Christians in the past two years — including Church leaders such as Farshid Fathi, who was arrested in December 2010 and sentenced to six years in prison. My colleagues and I heard heart-breaking evidence of physical and psychological torture, and the murder by government agents of Christian pastors. The testimonies of Iranian witnesses included evidence of education and employment discrimination driven by the state and other direct and indirect persecution.

I have not found the report that the author writes about. But when I do I will post a link to the report. But it is important to take note of Iranian persecution of Christians. Some in the PCUSA have not acknowledged that there is persecution in Iran. Pray for the Iranian Christians.

Shining a Spotlight on Iran’s persecution of Christians
Hat tip to Kathryn Churchill.

Here is another report on the report which was evidently made by a group of Christian members of Parliament.: British Members of Parliament release report on intensifying pressure on Iranian Christian converts


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