Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kairos humor and Sacramento Presbytery

After having posted the summary of the Sacramento Presbytery meeting in the posting below, as I was putting it on Twitter I saw something on Twitter that really surprised me—because it was on Twitter. This is how Sacramento Presbytery too often functions—this is the pain that is growing in our Presbytery, perhaps across our denomination. This is the statement I saw:

Ivan Herman ‏@ivanherman [he is a pastor in Sacramento Presbytery]
Lunch with today with a lesbian pastor. At the table next to us sat the 2nd loudest anti-gay elder in the presbytery. #kairoshumor

There really are no anti-gay people in our Presbytery; rather there are those who understand same gender sex to be sin. And we believe biblically,  as Christianity has for 2000 years, that it is improper for those who call sin 'okay' to be pastors or ruling elders. Not sure who the loudest elder is—but the person Herman is referring to as the 2nd loudest is a friend of mine. I know that because I know he had lunch there that day, since a former pastor of Fremont was also having lunch with Herman.

I am aware that many in Sacramento presbytery do not understood that homosexuality is a part of humanity’s broken condition which Christ wants to forgive and heal. Although I will not be with them—I believe it is a good thing that Fremont Presbyterian Church is moving to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. They still will not have peace in this world but they will have peace in their new denomination as they worship Christ and serve their community for his sake.

Notice, using what is called a hash-tag (#), Herman puts “Kairos humor” with his tweet. But it is certainly not Kairos humor if one is thinking of the Christian understanding of Kairos. That would tend to be God's appointed humor. Perhaps he intends the original Greek meaning. Wikipedia, speaking of Aristotle’s rhetoric, states this:
Kairos is, for Aristotle, the time and space context in which the proof will be delivered. Kairos stands alongside other contextual elements of rhetoric: The Audience, which is the psychological and emotional makeup of those who will receive the proof; and To Prepon, which is the style with which the orator clothes their proof.
Then perhaps the psychological and emotional make-up of those who will receive Herman’s humor, their Audience, would undoubtedly be anti-orthodox—and, of course, the style that Herman uses, the To Prepon, is absolutely not Christian, (since it insults another person). 

Believe me, one cannot stand for biblical truth in this presbytery and not be slandered and even hated. Please pray for us. Pray for everyone here that Jesus Christ and his authority as Lord will have sway in our hearts and life.


Debbie said...

I suppose Herman meant "irony" but was trying to make it loftier somehow, casting his swine before pearls.

Debbie Berkley
Bellevue, WA

Jeff Winter said...

I will pray for the Sacramento presbytery and all the other presbyteries around the country who have given to the spirit of this age and have said yes to homosexual expression. Thanks Viola for taking the hard path of biblical obedience. It would be a lot easier to say that homosexuality is of God and bless those who claim to be gay or lesbian.

Sassy Granny ... said...

It is a compromise that's tempting to many, many churches today. The world has worked overtime to normalize the abnormal which is, as you rightly point out, the antithesis of God's word/purposes. I fear it will get much, much worse before (or if ever) it gets better. Thank God He has prepared us beforehand for days such a these.


Viola Larson said...

Debbie having lived on a farm, I love your image of casting a swine--in that case one has to work with a great deal of effort-very little grace: )Instead how graceful is the gospel which transforms.

Thanks Jeff-for prayers and encouragement.

Kathleen, I believe you are right--it will get much, much worse. And God has prepared us beforehand.

Patrick Watters said...

Ah Viola, I see you're still "fighting the good fight" so to speak, while trying to remain grace-filled. So difficult when extremists on both sides try to make us "pick sides". I continue to love my gay/lesbian brothers and sisters, while also continuing to believe that homosexual practice is sin, along with a multitude of other sin, including my own. For my stance, I get bashed in from both sides, (beginning to think that indicates I'm on the right path?) :-)

Viola Larson said...

Yes: ) i'm still here. Getting bashed from both sides probably does mean you are on the right path. The peace of Christ to you.