Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some Clarification ....!

John Erthein commented late on my posting about the film "For the Bible tells me so." He was praising the Outlook because they posted Executive Director of One-by-One , Kristin Tremba's article, What Would Jesus Do with Amendment 08-B? An Answer . It is an excellent small opinion piece. Here is part of what she said:

"Janet Edwards, co-moderator of the Covenant Network, asked in her online article on December 7, 2008 the question: “What would Jesus do with Amendment 08-B? The answer to that question does not take 40 years of discernment or four years of dialogue to answer. It takes picking up a Bible and looking at Jesus’ words and actions. Jesus would vote an emphatic “no” on Amendment B.

Am I biased? Sure, I am. We all are. But my assertion is not predicated on my personal bias or experience; it is predicated on the Word of God, rightly understood. In fact, there was a time in my life that I would have done anything for God to approve of Amendment 08-B and my living in a lesbian relationship. At the time, I had read Mel White’s book Stranger at the Gate: Being Gay and Christian in America. I was thrilled to get my hands on a book written by a fellow-Christian that said that being gay and Christian was okay. However, when I got to the end of the book where White presented the pro-gay interpretation of Scripture, I was sick at heart because my green light had just turned to red. " You can read the whole article

At the same time I discovered that Rick Warren has posted several videos at his Church, Saddleback, clarifying his stand on gay marriage and how he perceives gay relationships. I believe it is very helpful.


Toby Brown said...

Janet Edwards sure has played herself into the big leagues! I guess doing things that don't exist can really pay off in the mainline.

God bless Rick Warren for the nerve to be a public Christian about these issues. Maybe he'll pray Obama out of aborting more babies at home and overseas with our money!

Viola Larson said...

I'm hoping Toby, will actually praying.

Sacramento, CA

I'm Typical said...

Thanks Vi... you keep casting sister.

Viola Larson said...

You started me off on a Bible study and just when I am suppose to be doing things connected to Christmas. Now I have to see what Calvin says about pigs!? : )

johnm said...

Two points:

Yes, one will find little to support homosexual relationships in scripture, one will also find little to support the abolition of slavery and little to support the full equality of men and women. For me the life death and resurrection of Jesus trumps all of this. Our consciences, guided by the Spirit will no longer tolerate the ownership of a human being by another, will no longer tolerate an inferior status to women (at least in this church), and yes will, in time, no longer tolerate anything less than the full participation of gay and lesbian persons.

Rick Warren’s statement of his belief about marriage is sincere. However he does seem to leave the door open on same-sex partnerships as long as it is not called marriage. I can live with that.

I did like Warren’s criticism of blogs. I think he would agree with Christiana Amanpour’s comment: “blogging is an excuse for sitting back and just commenting on life as it passes by and putting out your opinions on what is happening. Sometimes those are interesting, but not always. And the truth of the matter is I do not believe, no matter how sophisticated the delivery platform, I don't think there is a substitute or should there be a substitute for professional journalism, which comes with training, with experience, with credibility, with developing trust based on the accuracy of your record in the field. I think that is an absolute must. That must stay with us so that people have an accurate and objective reference point for their information.”
John McNeese
Ponca City, OK

johnm said...

Here is a link to letter from Melissa Etheridge on her recent meeting and conversation with Rick Warren. A very good start!


John McNeese

Viola Larson said...

the article is interesting. And it does show that people who disagree don't have to beat up on each other, and I mean emotionally or otherwise.

But don't forget Rick Warren isn't saying that homosex is okay biblically, he is saying people should have the right to make that decision for themselves although he believes that it is sinful. And also he is saying don't change the meaning or definition of marriage.

Alan said...

"At the same time I discovered that Rick Warren has posted several videos at his Church, Saddleback, clarifying his stand on gay marriage and how he perceives gay relationships. I believe it is very helpful."

By clarification, does he repeat his statement that he believes gay marriage is equivalent to incest? I hope so. That's exactly the sort of stuff people need to hear from him over, and over and over.