Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The fruit of following Jesus

I got up this morning to find this video on face book, thanks to Dave Hollandsworth who grew up around the Southern California Calvary Chapel and has posted hundreds of pictures of the musicians of those days. When my family first started to Ware House Ministries in Sacramento one of the first concerts we attended on a Saturday night was a Chuck Girard concert.

His soft melodic music simply pulled everyone before the throne and led us into worship. The concert did not end until very late in the evening. This video reminds me of the fruits of our following Jesus.

That time was a time of revival that was truly God’s doing and mostly among the hippy generation. I have written about it in several places including here,
Hail Him the Lord of Years, and Lord of many revivals and Hail Him the Lord of Years, and Lord of many revivals 2.

I pray that God will renew again but this time in the mainline denominations. Here is the video it includes Chuck Girard’s daughters and granddaughters. (The lady at the piano is referring to Church Smith the pastor at Calvary Chapel.)