Sunday, January 4, 2009

Radical Moslems, hate and the Lord Jesus Christ

Radical Moslems need to lay their hate before the Lord Jesus Christ.

I know, what Christian believer doesn’t know that. A fairly simplistic statement. But I have been thinking about that for several days. And when I saw this u-tube posting I was at first extremely troubled but then realized that God had sent the Christians of the United States a mighty work to do. Of course it will be the Lord’s work, the work of the Holy Spirit.

The hate in this video got me to thinking about how I had experienced Islamic hate on a very small scale. But I was thinking about it, I woke up this morning thinking about it. More then thirty years ago when I was attending junior college I had just finished eating lunch with some Christian friends and was returning my tray to the Cafeteria when I saw a tall rather dark man reading a small black book.

Already in a rather joyful mood from the conversation I had just had I walked up to him and asked if he was reading the Bible. I will never forget the spew of hate and foul language that came out of his mouth as he also explained that he was a Moslem.

In another instance, about the same time, my husband invited home for the night a young man who was an Egyptian. He had been married to another friend of ours who had divorced him for abusing her. He was without a place to sleep or food for the night so my husband did a good thing. Yet, the next morning as we talked he explained to me that he would like to line all the Israelis up and shoot them.

Several years later, actually not that long ago, when I got my first computer, I had been told that my first “paid” published article was on the web, fascinated I went looking and did find it. The article was entitled ,
Identity: A "Christian" Religion for White Racists. But, I also found it on a radical Islamic site with the name changed from the original to “Christianity a Religion for White Racists” and the article had the ending removed which was the gospel part. (Of course my editor took care of it.)

There are other stories, but that’s enough except for the Jewish lady who is/was liberal. I met her a couple of years ago at a Presbyterian Church where she and another person were presenting the film,
Ever Again. (An excellent film) As we were talking afterwards she told me how she had almost become conservative. It was because when participating in anti-war marches against the Iraqi war she found herself constantly confronted by both straightforward anti-Semitism as well as a particular hatred of Israel. The video above will not change her feelings I am sure.

But what will change the radical Moslem and their hatred? Only the transforming love of Jesus Christ. Only a God who was willing to become human and die on the cross for their hatred, and our hatred.

Several years ago a lady who had been a Moslem came to speak at a women‘s luncheon at Fremont Presbyterian Church. She came here with her husband to study when the Shah of Iran was in power. She was almost forced to leave when Iran was overthrown by radical Moslems. Instead she found a way to stay and a Baptist Church helped her with her children, the ladies at the Church invited her to an aerobics class and then prayed for her. One night she dreamed she went on a journey to Jerusalem to find Jesus And she did find him.. You can read her testimony here.
Testimony of Halimeh

That is simple, I know, but the radical Moslem, like all of us need Jesus Christ

Hat/tip on the video to Will Spotts


Pastor Bob said...


I've been wanting to ask someone, not only Palestinians but also world leaders why it was acceptable for Hamas and its allies to send missiles into Israel for the past few years with no comment from world governments or the UN but now that Israel has responded there is a call for peace and statements that Israel's response is not proportional.

In international military law proportional refers not to the amount of bombs or soldiers killed (after all armies fight to win) but rather to the intent of the military to target military targets or civilians. For years Hamas and its allies have targeted civilians, not military targets. Israel is attempting to target military targets but since they are stationed in the midst of civilian populations there will of course be civilian casualties. I don't justify civilian casualties but rather ask who is responsible for those casualties: the Israelis who seek to fight against military targets or those who place military targets among civilians?

Israel waited for years to respond until Hamas had missiles able to hit large civilian targets in Israel.

What do Palestinians think Israel should do in response to missile attacks besides let all Israelis be killed or leave the area?

Viola Larson said...

I read somewhere that the effect is the same as saying that if someone has their home and children attacked for years and only one is killed they should not defend themselves. Hamas's intent has been to destroy Israel, they are certainly the aggressor. and of course Palestinian children are suffering because of Hamas.

Adel Thalos said...

Excellent post once again, Viola.

Thank you pastor Bob for your added insight.

I have often wondered why anti-Semitic sentiments so often go hand in hand with modern liberalism. The only conclusion I have been able to surmise is that they both arise from an anti-Christ world-view.

Any thoughts on this connection?

Adel Thalos
Snellville, GA

Viola Larson said...

Can you explain a little what you mean by an anti-Christ world-view, And how anti-Semitism arises from that? It isn’t that I don't agree, but for the sake of discussion can you explain?

Mac said...

Per Pastor Bob's question, there are a lot of International Law of War issues raised here. Hamas is in violation of the law of war in numerous ways, not Israel.

If Hamas uses, e.g., school houses, hospitals, mosques, and refugee camps for military purposes, they strip those places of their protection under the law of war. One cannot mount a mortar in an ambulance marked with the red cross and then complain that the other side attacked "a clearly marked ambulance."

Likewise, using non-combatant civilians as shield in order to snipe at the "enemy" is a violation of the law of war. The responder is not in violation if he shoots at that mass of people, so long as he is "proportional" in his response. That is, if there is one bad guy in the throng, use a rifle fire or a mortar, not an H-Bomb.

Viola Larson said...
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Viola Larson said...

Thank you for the information.

I do wish the conversation had returned to what it would mean t offer the gospel to radical Muslims. But an interesting thoughts anyway.
Sacramento, Ca

Anonymous said...
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Viola Larson said...

I'm sorry Anonymous,
I don't allow Anonymous comments. Please leave your full name state and city.
Sacramento, Ca