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Extreme left and right attacking the Jewish people UP-Date

UP-Date see below

BBC news at their web site is reporting that a synagogue in Venezuela has been "ransacked." The article is, "Synagogue desecrated in Venezuela." Here is part of the information:

"An armed gang has ransacked a Jewish synagogue in the Venezuelan capital Caracas after occupying the building for several hours. About 15 unidentified men broke into the building before daubing graffiti on the walls and desecrating scriptures. They also called for Jewish people to be expelled from the country."

There is also a silent video of the damages on that site.

Anti-Semitism is growing in socialist Venezuela under the rule of President Hugo Chavez. One of the issues I noted in one of the articles I did on Marxism is the melding of Marxism and extreme far right ideologies among the growing revolutionary movements today. Presbyterians Dancing With Karl Marx! Part 2 The Jewish magazine Commentary has an interesting article that confirms my thoughts on such a merging, at least in Venezuela.

Chavez has been influenced by radical far right nationalist, Norberto Ceresole. Writer, Travis Pantin in his article "Hugo Chávez's Jewish Problem," describes who Ceresole is:

"But Chávez is not just another Latin American leftist on the Castro model. While the Cuban dictator may be his most important political influence, his greatest intellectual debt is to the Argentinian writer and thinker Norberto Ceresole: a man not of the Left but of the populist Right, a Holocaust denier, and a sworn enemy of Israel and the Jews.

Born in 1943, Ceresole was one of the leading spokesmen for the radical populist government of the Argentinian president Juan Perón. Later, in the guise of a political theorist, he argued that the only appropriate leaders for Latin American nations were caudillos: nationalist, militarist, and charismatic strongmen capable of ushering in a “post-democratic” age in which the region’s people would become effortlessly at one with the generals who would direct every aspect of society. Led by a group of such caudillos, a confederation of Latin American fascist states would then be in a position to beat back American global hegemony.

Ceresole reportedly traveled with Chávez during his initial bid for power. After the latter’s 1998 victory, he published a celebratory volume, Caudillo, Army, People: The Venezuela of President Chávez. The second chapter is entitled “The Jewish Question and the State of Israel.” In it, Ceresole espoused a “new revisionism” that defined the Holocaust as a “myth” and Israel as a global menace"

Pantin goes on to write about how Chavez has used the fraudulent document The Protocols of the Elders of Zion against the Jewish community in Venezuela. He has also accused them of being God killers, the old defamation used against the Jews in Medieval Europe.

Pantin also writes that "One-third of Venezuela’s Jews have fled the country by now, and those who remain are in a state ranging from discomfiture to terror." The reason, "Prominent Jewish figures have been publicly denounced for supposed disloyalty to the “Bolívarian” cause, and “Semitic banks” have been accused of plotting against the regime. Citing suspicions of such plots, Chávez’s government has gone so far as to stage raids on Jewish elementary schools and other places of meeting. The anti-Zionism expressed by the government is steadily spilling over into street-level anti-Semitism, in which synagogues are vandalized with a frequency and viciousness never before seen in the country."

Pantin's article published July/August 2008 was written before the incident BBC just reported (above) and before Chavez ordered Israel's Ambassador expelled from that country.

One other thing that should be noted, some of the groups that backed the vicious anti-Zionist protests in different cities in the United States make common cause with Chavez. On the web site of the Party of Socialism and Liberation this is noted:

"The rally was chaired by Tampa student organizers Naveen El-Nawawy and Ahmad Deeb. There was roaring applause as Emmanuel Lopez of the ANSWER Coalition told the crowd that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez had expelled the Israeli ambassador.

Lopez noted: “Venezuela is not extending their solidarity to the people of Palestine out of charity, but rather, they understand that their struggle against imperialism and for their freedom is in fact the same struggle as that of the people of Gaza. Its that real type of solidarity, built through our common struggles against a common enemy, that we have to recreate here in the United States.”

So it is a mixture of far right and far left hate that is attempting to use the Jewish people as scape-goats.

Pray for those chosen to bless the nations.

Up-Date- Another headline from yesterday is "Breaking News Caracas: the destruction of Jewish property has begun." This news piece is written by Aimee Kligman of the This article contains information from people near the incident. One of the items is that, "We are also being told that a few ago, without fanfare or publicity, three of the most important rabbis in the community were expelled from the country. Their names for the record are Rabbi Mizrahi, Rabbi Cohen and Rabbi Brenner. "

I have not seen this anywhere else so I am not sure.


Jim Jordan said...

You have Chavez as a "far rigth" dictator. I think you mean far left. In any event, statists have always found Judaism to be galling because they are unique as a holy nation. Chavez's god is himself and, by extension, his government. Anti-semitism runs deeper than that, though. One thing can be clearly said; Those who hate Israel aren't all Marxists, but those who hate Israel are all evil.

Viola Larson said...

Jim, thanks for your comments. I know Chavez is a leftist, but what I was saying is that the left in South America and other places is actually a mix of the far left and right. I have even read papers where some of the left is admonishing others to beware of those in their movement who are rightist.

One of the reasons for this is that both far right socialist and far left socialist hate capitalism. Another reason is the new emphasis on the environment a subject that surprisingly has always in the far past been an issue for the far right, not the far left. Another area is the indigenous peoples this was also a far right issue only along the lines of nationalism. Now it is an international issue but could break down into various nationalisms.

Anyway, this is the main reason there is a huge amount of anti-Semitism in the leftist movements.

Viola Larson said...

I forgot for both of us--you need to leave your name, city and state.


Presbyman said...


I am more a student of Germany than of South America, but there is a tendency for the far Left and far Right to come together on some things. In Germany, some of the neo-Nazis admired the ruthlessness of the Red Army Faction and wanted to approach them for a tactical alliance.

John Erthein
Erie, PA

Viola Larson said...

I think they may have admired each other but didn't they also hate each other? I know they fought each other in the streets. I think some people don't understand that both groups were socialist.

Jim Jordan said...

I find this subject fascinating in that it exposes a truth that few people admit even though it's incredible that so many can't see it. The far right and the far left who are anti-Israel (most are) are anti-Israel not due to ideology, but because they are both evil. One definition of evil is "one who is against God's people". Might sound weird, but it's absolutely true.

Keep in mind, the reason the far right and the far left both tend to hate Israel is that their goal is to control everything. The keyword here isn't left or right but FAR. Truly, they do not belong on the same plank as the center-left or center-right. When one's goal is not to convince but subvert their neighbor, the game is over; war has begun. I only hope we recognize it.

I'm not a novice on this issue, by the way. I was a political science major, an agnostic who lost his battle with the Bible and now, for several years, has taught it, and I married the daughter of a Venezuelan politician. So this news that Chavez's thugs attacked a Jewish synagogue is no surprise to me. It's to be expected.

God's hand can clearly be seen in the division between the two houses of evil; far right and far left. Just as He divided Hitler and Stalin politically, and put a wall between Mao and Stalin culturally, evil will always be a divided house as long as God is in control.

Jim Jordan
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Viola Larson said...

Thanks for all of your comments Jim, I am so glad you lost your battle with the Bible! That is an interesting thought that God keeps the two houses of evil divided. If you think about World War II that is an excellent point. But of course God is always in control.

Viola Larson said...

Sacramento, CA