Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Great Granddaughter Molly Up-date

As I am dusting and look up at the shelf over my husband's desk I remember I want to share a picture.

Molly Simone at Christmas time.
And to announce that I will have a new great grandchild in August by a different grand daughter! Isn't life grand.

H/Tip Toby Brown


Alan said...


Congratulations to you and your family!

Viola Larson said...

Thank you Alan.

Presbyman said...

How adorable.

John Erthein
Erie, PA

Andrea said...

I have that very same picture perched on top of my TV. She's definately a cute one!

Andrea said...

Darn it! I did it again. Does family get a repreve...?

Andrea Hightower
Sacramento, CA

timeforthetruth said...

Congratulations!! You are a very blessed woman!

And how profound to place that picture in the same blog entry as that sermon! It makes the great horrific act of abortion all the more vivid!

In Him,
Adel Thalos
Snellville, GA

Andrea said...

I finally had a moment to watch the clip. Wondrous! I posted it to my FaceBook account to share with others. Thank you for posting it here.

Andrea Hightower
Sacramento, CA

Viola Larson said...

That picture is great. Is it a Sutter's Fort school day? Can I have a larger picture?

The video I found on Toby Brown's blog who is not supposed to be blogging--: )

Sacramento, CA