Thursday, June 12, 2014

Going to General Assembly

I’m leaving very early in the morning for Detroit, a bit late though, most are already there. There really isn’t anything joyous to write about except the love of Jesus and the fellowship of brothers and sisters. I know that is a wonderful lot. I felt left out of their fellowship just reading e-mails and seeing pictures of booths going up.

 But, except for the grace and surprises of God, the denomination may be stripped bare of goodness, purity and truth, and with that stripping unity will die, because those are gifts given by the Father, through the Holy Spirit. The unity Jesus prayed for is in those gifts, in the 17th chapter of John, Jesus not only prays for unity, he prays for sanctifying truth. The two are intertwined in Scripture.

May God’s mercy and grace fall on all of us unexpectedly and may our very beings be shaken with a sense of our own unworthiness and His transcendent glory. 


Anonymous said...

Viola, no one, on either side of these debates, is proposing an end to unity, or truth, and all welcome and pray for the gift of Gods grace and mercy.

Please reflect on the hatred of others in your heart that would make you see those who disagree with you in such terms, but go forward knowing we pray for a safe journey for you, a wonderful GA, a safe journey home, and that as one of the persons who seem to never tire of insulting, personally, I forgive you.




Viola Larson said...

And such is the coming General Assembly.

Anonymous said...

I will pray. I am so saddened by the cloaked wickedness within the Presbyterian faith. Many are so focused on progressively changing their view of God and his love that they have lost sight of the fundamental truth. This is very disheartening. But, God made provision for this. You must show them their sin. If they refuse to listen, you must shake off your shoes and leave. A hardened heart cannot be changed.

Anonymous said...

My prayers go with you, Viola. I admire and affirm your dedication to witnessing in an increasingly challenging environment. And anyone who knows you and does not prejudge you is aware that you have no hate in your heart for anyone.


John Erthein
DeFuniak Springs, FL

Anonymous said...

God be with you, Viola. You are a bold Christian and I know your heart is breaking for the church that you love.