Thursday, June 26, 2014

1001 Worshiping Communities: dancing with balloons, a bisexual Jesus and Veterans News Now!! Update

Please read the update at the bottom; two of these are undoubtedly hoaxes. But the last one is not. I now have assurances that these three are all coming down and being investigated. I will do a rewrite when this is finished.

Now see: A different perspective on the 1001 PC (USA) Worshiping Communities

At first I thought it was a joke. I saw it in a comment under a blog posting.  Remember the red balloons and dancing in celebration at the Presbyterian General Assembly less than a week ago. They were celebrating the supposed 1001 new worshiping communities. This was the shameful link I saw:   Bi-Cycling for All. And this is the description:

A place to find and know God for the bi-sexual community while emphasizing the unitarian concepts embodied in the primary geometric symbol of bicycles, round wheels, round gears, and a chain connecting the unity of the drivetrain. We will work diligently to advocate for full inclusion of bisexual individuals into the life of the church, including ordination, bisexual marriage equality, and recognition that Jesus was bisexual [1]

So now we are embracing a group whose only reference to Jesus is that he is supposedly bisexual!

 And then there is the Fellowship of all Species with a description:

The Fellowship of All Species gathers to worship the Creator of All--- not just the human species. We will work for full inclusion of all animal species into the life and witness of the PC(USA). Our desire is to recognize that every living, breathing creature upon this earth is welcome in the church and can serve the church in varied and unique ways, giving witness to the Creator. [2]

 And as though in judgment on our attempts to shape our denomination to secular culture, there is a 1001 worshiping community titled veterans and families. On the communities’ site it is described this way:

I am a disabled veteran setting this up as a virtual community for outreach to veterans and their families.  

The person who has set it up is Chuck (Craig) Northacker.  He writes for Veterans News Now the anti-Semitic site connected to the vile site Veterans Today. The latter is the site which the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch states has now entered the neo-Nazi movement after blaming the shooting of children at Sandy Hook on Israeli death squads.

Veterans News Now is posted on the news section of

 While there are many good and faithful worshiping communities being added to the 1001 worshiping page there are many disgraceful entries. When a Church opens the door to darkness expect the demons of hell to enter. The gates of hell cannot prevail against the church, but it must truly be the church, not some outlandish configuration of church. Rather than dancing in the aisles and playing with red balloons we all need to enter a time of prayer, repentance and discernment.   

[1] [2]Update- The first one is, as I originally thought, a joke, because their address is 666. And someone pointed out to me that the Fellowship of all Species is certainly a hoax because its originator is Chuck Darwin.


Jeff Winter said...

Luther said, "fI you are going to sin, sin boldly." The PCUSA has certainly embraced that admonition.

will spotts said...

This is a logical progression of recent PC(USA) trends and the rationales supporting them. They are turning themselves into cartoons.

Viola Larson said...

Will there is a Cartoon one: Caring Creation Animators. The description is "Caring Creation Animators is a 1001 WC which seeks to raise the joy of animation to the level of Divine worship. We see ourselves. Animators are creators in their own right, therefore their creations are worthy of praise and adoration. Under the banner of 1001 WC we plan to develop a theology of color and movement, sound and effect, which recognizes the true life each character possesses, which is a part of their original creator. CCA is further inspired by Saint Walter, Saint Tex, and Saint Chuck, who have provided miraculous interventions in the lives of many generations of animators. Hollywood 2114 W Burbank Blvd. I suspect that one is also a hoax-see my update.

will spotts said...

Satire? Makes one wonder what qualifies to get on the site.

Anonymous said...

Viola-I am Craig Northacker. Not Chuck, whoever that is. You should check your facts before you spout off in something about which you know not. I grew up in the shadows of the Nazi world in Berlin in the 1960's. I was taken to Plotzensee, where my one teachers' father was strung up on piano wire looped around a meathook by the Nazis for trying to kill Hitler in 1944. I was also brought in to see the piles of human teeth, including children's teeth, their shoes, eyeglasses, clothing, luggage and their emaciated bodies before they were burned. I fought with hardened Nazi's who were still in hiding in Berlin when we moved there to support Pan Am presence there. I was grilled by former Nazi's because I was American in an area where Americans were not wanted. I listened as people were shot trying to escape from East Berlin, and as tanks rolled down the street in front of my school.
If you still think I am a neo-Nazi then you are the embodiment of why I enlisted in the military - to give every one a chance at using their free speech. Even though you are dead wrong for writing the nonsense you did, and for not verifying it. And, you should be aware of legal ramifications of writing and publishing statements that are incorrect.