Friday, June 21, 2013

From Maryland to Sacramento: about family

For the weekend, I am, again, encouraging you to read my granddaughter Melissa’s blog, A Free Form Life. Her latest posting, “Summer Comes in Rural Maryland,” contains such beautiful pictures. If you have followed this couple who at one time tried to live in New York in  order to perform dance, act and do art all to the glory of God, but were unable to, you will enjoy their new adventure in Maryland where they are learning to be farmers. Melissa is expecting our seventh great grandchild.

 The picture is of Molly and Adele enjoying the country.

 Below is a picture of my middle daughter Jenny who just graduated with an MA in Geography from the University of Davis. The day before she graduated she had to take her oral exams before her committee to enter the doctorate program. She passed. All those who are still home or close by of her family are in the picture, including Liz who is expecting our sixth great granddaughter. My granddaughter Katie is holding her daughter Rosalie, our fifth great granddaughter. Their oldest son Ethan is busy for the second summer in a row working at a fish cannery in Alaska. And of course as I have just written their oldest daughter Melissa is in Maryland.

Below is some music I hope you will enjoy. It is the latest from Beanscot's collection.


Chas Jay said...

Viola, thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of your family. Seeing the two children walking on that path reminded me of my own childhood in Louisiana where I grew up on 15 acres of shared family property. My Aunt Mae and Aunt Rose (great aunts) would spend summer mornings with us weeding our vegetable garden (about 4 acres). They both would sing various hymns as we would weed, singing praise to God Almighty for the blessings of the food growing in that garden. They were godly women like you.

Thanks again for sharing and bringing such rich blessed memories of my own in your sharing. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless you and your family as you share His good news!

Viola Larson said...

Thanks for your comment Chas Jay,

At one time as a child we lived on a farm in northern Missouri-I have written about it here in several postings. My mother always had a huge garden. And we did sing hymns but mostly around the piano.

Your childhood in Louisiana sounds wonderful.

Chas Jay said...

Hi Viola,
It was a very good childhood. As a child I thought most kids in the U.S. grew up like I did. It wasn't until I moved to Southern California that I realized how very blessed I was.
I love your stories about your family. Northern Missouri is spectacularly beautiful and the people there are much like the people in North Louisiana. There are some hymns that are most special to me because they were my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles favorites. When they are sung in church I feel like I can hear them singing those hymns along with me now.
The pastor from my childhood once commented to my dad that as our society moves away from the land and into the cities, it will bring about a change in the lives of many that they will forget how God has blessed us with the bounty that He provides us from the land.
Thanks again for sharing about your family as these stories are my favorite posts by you along with the numerous songs posted. Always puts a smile on my face and I thank God for you and your faithfulness in serving Him.

Jenny said...

Hi Mom,

Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I'm afraid I read your blog in bulk and my last good read was when I was reading your post about the orphanage looking for the photo for my presentation in my exam. I've read a lot today
9since I can't go in the field right now) and am reminded just how wonderful and brilliant you are.


Viola Larson said...

Jenny, I had to think hard before publishing that: ) Thank you, and love you.