Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gosnell, those responsible & a confession of sin

There must be constant reminder that many people are accountable for the horror that happened in Philadelphia in Kermit Gosnell's house of horrors where women and new born babies suffered and died. They died because it was considered politically expedient to ignore the filth, untrained employees, the pain and suffering occurring in Gosnell’s phony operation.  The word abortion or women’s reproductive rights is now considered sacred, any such operation connected to those words cannot easily be touched. In case you have forgotten or did not know about this  hearing (see video) it is important.

"State Senator Kim Ward questions representatives from the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office regarding state oversight issues and criminal charges brought against Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his abortion clinic in Philadelphia."

The Church has a confession of guilt to be made on this issue, in particular, my denomination the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) the women’s groups,  and myself for not speaking out more fervently.

“The Church confesses that she has witnessed the lawless application of brutal force, the physical and spiritual suffering of countless innocent people, oppression, hatred and murder, and that she has not raised her voice on behalf of the victims and has not found ways to hasten to their aid. She is guilty of the deaths of the weakest and most defenseless brothers [and sisters] of Jesus Christ.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer Ethics


Robert Kopp said...

Thanks, sister!

Your fidelity honors Him and encourages moi.

You are a Biblically-based-Christocentric gem amid the PCUSA fiberglass.

Marie Bowen said...

John Ensor said this in reference to Deuteronomy 21:6-9 in his recently published book, Innocent Blood:
"How we respond to the shedding of innocent blood is vital. The day we stop nurturing respect for human life is the day we begin diminishing the value of human life. The day we stop reminding ourselves of the preeminent value of human life is the day we begin submitting to the priorities of this sinful world. Where we are not fighting for life, we are making peace with death. Where we are not pained by the death of the innocent, we are growing hard-hearted to the holy will of God. Feel the pain and prepare for the fight."
Ensor goes on to point out that the Israelites needed to testivy two things: that they did not actively take life and also that they did not passively watch it happen.

Viola Larson said...

Robert, Thank you so much!

Viola Larson said...

sigh, now I know of another book that belongs on my stack of books to read:

I find the future of the United States, minus Christ, scary; our ethical view of the value life is simply bleeding away.

Mike Armistead said...

Amen! You said it well. It amazes me how a denomination that has built its life around supposedly speaking for the marginal and the oppressed can be so blind to its participation in the homicide of pre-born and new-born babies - the least and most helpless of us all.

Mike Armistead
Fayetteville, NC