Friday, May 6, 2011

New York, New York-God's blessings go with you

This weekend, Sunday evening, my husband and the rest of the family except for those in Georgia are throwing a party. It’s a happy party but it is also sad. Our granddaughter, Melissa and her husband Spencer, who have lived in our down stairs apartment, with their two girls Molly and Adele, for over a year, are traveling to New York.

They are exploring the possibilities of acting, dancing, and art in one of the more important cities where all such crafts exist. Spencer is the actor/dancer who has performed in Sacramento and has already been accepted into an excellent dance school. Melissa is the artist who has hung and placed her beautiful pictures in Sacramento.

They have already picked out a great Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) but will undoubtedly be at Redeemer now and then. You can read about their travels and New York adventures here at A Freeform Life, Melissa’s new blog.

The sad part is we have grown so use to having Molly upstairs listening to us read, playing with the toys and saying “Nooo!” whenever we ask her a silly question (that is said sweetly not loudly) that we can hardly stand the thought of her going. And Adele is now smiling and cooing and almost crawling- Oh well, New York I think we may see you once in awhile.

And here is a picture of my daughter “Grandma Jennifer” holding Molly (with the curls) and Luna (with the red hair). Luna will now be living down stairs with her mom and dad, Liz and Frankie. So God’s blessings continue. Another great granddaughter is on her way.

So here is a song by a friend and his band to say goodby:

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