Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An interlude before returning to Philippians

Sunday morning three of my grandchildren were with me in Church. They stayed with us while their parents went to a geography conference in bishop California. The youngest is 10, the oldest 16. They are such great kids. It was fun looking out of my window and seeing two of them setting on the front porch reading.

Sunday morning they all three sat to my left. The one at the end wrote something extra in the friendship book and I almost ruined it when I looked. I thought it was her name listed as going to Fremont, my church, I started to change it to Peace Presbyterian, where she goes, when I noticed the name of the last entry was Jesus Christ our Lord, and underneath for address it said everywhere.

Yes of course he is at Fremont. And then I found out she writes this in the friendship book at Peace also. And yes, Jesus is there too.

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