Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who will you serve, vileness or Jesus Christ?

J. Bruce Campbell writes for Veterans Today. I have yet to find any of Veterans Today’s sister sites that will or have linked to his writings, although they use all of the other writers from VT. But Campbell and his writings are the final outcome of the kind of trash that appears on any of the sites. In this posting I am pleading with the leadership of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to read and understand that through the Israel/Palestine Mission Network and their postings and links we as a denomination are sliding into the vilest kind of bigotry and hatred.

The IPMN has linked to Veterans Today. They continue to link to the sister sites of VT. And they continue to acknowledge and post articles by James Wall although through his writings and sources he also has become a vile anti-Semite. As I have written before he has clearly praised Veterans Today.

J.B. Campbell blames the Jewish people for most of the ills in the world, He advocates for the death of Jewish Rabbis: he believes that the Jews were the cause of World War II and that the Nazis were the good guys. He advocates for a citizen’s take over of the United States and the hanging of all leadership.

Campbell has commented on David Fischler’s blog, Reformed Pastor, making some of the most irrational and insulting statements:

Mr. Fischler puts the Judeo in Judeo-Christianiy [sic]. Many Jews have infiltrated the Christian churches in order to monitor and guide Gentiles in the pro-Israel direction. Calling himself a church planter gives him the cachet of the old-timey Yankee Protestant but he is in fact a hard-core commissar whose mission is to keep the faithful in the Zionist yard.
I purposely made a very pointed statement to him. I will put my comment and his response here:
My comment: JB,The incarnation, God in human (Jewish) flesh is God’s love for lost sinners. You are one of those, an extreme example in fact. If you continue to reject what God has done through Jesus Christ, who in his incarnation is Jewish, all you have left is to continue to do evil and end in the fires of hell. May God have mercy on you and cause you to turn.

This is Campbell’s response: Powerful argument: believe my way or end in the fires of hell. Christians aren’t so goody-two-shoes as one might think.

Where you Christians get fooled is equating Jews (I assume you mean Levites or Canaanites or maybe Hebrews) with humans, that is, yourselves. But that’s not how the Jews think. They think that only Jews are human and the rest of us insects or cattle or other non-human things to be exploited.

They consider Christians such as yourself to be useful idiots who would be so silly
as to admit to worshiping a Jewish messiah, one which they for mysterious reasons deny.

You because of your basic good nature want to think of God as love, but that’s not how Jews see it. Their god, Yahweh, is a god of war, annihilation and inexplicable hatred. Any god that would slaughter all life on earth except for old Noah and his menagerie cannot be mentioned in the same sentence as the word “love.”

And James Wall calls Veterans Today, “a progressive website that sees injustice and calls it for what it is …”

James Wall’s endorsement of VT and those who write there places him in the same position as the German Christians who followed Hitler. Israel/Palestine Mission Network’s endorsement of James Wall and others connected to VT and their sister sites places them in the same position as the German Christians under Hitler. The PC (U.S.A.)’s refusal to do anything about these connections places our denomination in the same position as those German church members who failed to stand against the growing hatred in the German Church during the Nazi years.

The only difference is that Gordon Duff, the editor of VT, or any other member of this ungodly group of sites, is not the dictator of the United States. They are just very broken, confused, mistaken evil men and women. But this does not keep those who feed on their material from being any less guilty than the German Christians were.

Not many years ago this kind of anti-Semitism raged on the extreme right. The speakers, writers and publishers kept up their diabolical rage and soon followers of their ideology were committing crimes. A Jewish talk show host was killed. Banks were robbed to finance some of the actions. Jewish centers became targets for lone followers with guns. And in the city where I live, Sacramento, three synagogues within just a few moments of each other were set on fire. Two were badly damaged, one was destroyed.

As this kind of slanderous material becomes acceptable among the progressive community there is much more to fear than lone extremist or even hidden militias with their stacks of guns. There will be a new kind of politics, built by conspiracy theorists, and an ideology creeping into the theology of mainline churches that is ever more ready to reject the Old Testament. This is a problem for biblical believers to weep over, pray about and surely not ignore.


Pastor Bob said...

Interesting guy, J. Bruce Campbell. I'm glad he's not a close relative. Again we return to "blame the Jews." What would we do if we didn't have Jews to blame?

Viola Larson said...

Yeah, I wondered Bob: )

Well, its fairly common knowledge who the Nazis were planning on getting rid of after they got rid of the Jews. And these progressive anti-Semites don't like Christians very much either. So there is always someone to blame.

Viola Larson said...

Karl Barth says this in his essay "The Jewish problem and the Christian Answer:" The Christian community exists in the same way as the Jews; miraculously sustained throughout the years, it too is a people of strangers; and just as the anti-semites are offended by the Jews, so the Christian community will necessarily arouse the same feelings."

Pastor Bob said...

Been reading JBs stuff. A bit like tiptoeing through the swamp. I'm not sure how America became communist at the beginning of the Civil War (a states right thing maybe?) but that's what he says. I suggested he get some therapy as he is obviously delusional. He didn't find my suggestion amusing.

Viola Larson said...

I liked how you ended the conversation, (if you can call it that). I hope he does not come back. But I am glad that we have a record of someone's conversation who writes for Veterans Today.

Tara Maya said...

This was really shocking and terrible to me. I knew there were people who were so-called "progressives" who advocated this kind of bigotry, but I had not heard of these particular organizations. There seem to be more and more of them these days. :(

Greg Scandlen said...

Here is a disturbing article about the rise of hate crimes against Jews in the U.S. --

It would seem that the rantings of people like Campbell and Wall are having the desired effect. Too bad the PCUSA is indifferent.

Presbyman said...

Viola, very good point about getting a record of JB Campbell's comments in conversation. I had not considered that.

But based on the responses you have previously gotten when criticizing the IPMN, I doubt that anything will come of it. You'll hear "wah! wah! I'm not allowed to criticize Israel!" and "JB Campbell may be 'over the top' but the rest of Veterans Today is cool," and "you are such a meanie against the wonderful, holy, kindly people at IPMN" and "guilt by association is a no-no" and "James Wall is a splendid fellow."

Plus you may get some vaguely supportive comments acknowledging your concerns from denominational leaders, but absolutely nothing will be done.

But thank you for your yeoman work nonethless. You are, as Paul wrote, fighting the good fight. And I think you honor Christ in doing so.

John Erthein
Erie, PA