Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Israel/Palestine Mission Network, James Wall and conspiracy theories

It isn’t going to end soon, there are too many radical anti-Semitic sites that many of us, who don’t make a habit of reading conspiracy driven web sites, know nothing about. But obviously James Wall of Wall Writings, along with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s Israel/Palestine Mission Network is very aware of such sites. They link to them, use material from their sites, and in Wall’s case, write for them.

After being totally rebuffed by moderator, Carol Hylkema, of IPMN in my plea that they not use James Wall since he writes for, praises and cites writers for such web sites, they are again linked to Wall, and he is using and is linked to another radical anti-Semitic site, Sabbah Report.

Wall has written an article entitled, “Could Israel Be Using Wikileaks to Prepare US for Air Strike Against Iran?” He begins his article by referring to Jeff Gates and quoting, with some approval, from Gates article on Sabbah Report. That article is “Wikileaks: More Israeli Game Theory Warfare.” Both writers, stuck in their anti-Semitism, are suggesting that the Wikileaks were perpetrated by Israel as a means to cast a bad light on the United States and to further war plans against Iran. And in fact all of these sites are at the moment pushing this particular conspiracy idea.

Besides Wall Writings, Sabbah Report and Israel/Palestine Mission Network, one can include, My Catbird Seat, Veterans Today, and Wake Up America: Your government is hijacked by Zionism. All of these sites, and there are others, use each other’s material; they all feed off of each other. They are all guilty of spewing hate in America.

The way it works is one writer writes about conspiracies such as this article, Is the "Times Square Terrorist" more Field-based Warfare, in which Gates, the writer Wall used in his article, blames, among other things, the destruction of the two ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, the destruction of the World Trade Center towers in New York, the assassination of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, etc., etc. on Israel. Everyone picks up those parts that either interest them or that they find credible. And it is supposed that if enough people write about the theory it must be true.

The IPMN is starting to do this by connecting to all of the writers through Wall’s writings. It is an easy way to slam not only Israel but also the Jewish people of the United States.[1] It is an easy way to avoid doing real homework about your main subject. It is an easy way to spit on the roots of your faith and deny the grace of God given through that One Jew on the cross.

[1] One Jewish Rabbi, Rabbii Gershon Steinberg-Caudill, who comments on the IPMN Facebook links is seemingly getting a bit more discerning about what they post. after reading Wall's posting he writes, "I think the movie [Fair Game: a movie Wall uses to make his point.] should be required viewing while I do not believe that Israel has any relationship with Wikileaks.'

After another link, Encountering Peace: Five minutes to midnight, about whether Israel can be a Jewish State and a Democracy at the same time, the Rabbi states: "There CAN be BOTH a Jewish State AND a Democracy. England is a Christian State and a Democracy. It CAN be done." In what appears to be a sassy contradiction to the Rabbi, IPMN's Noushin Framke writes:"Yes. But only if being Jewish doesn't give citizens any privileges. Problem is, Israel is based on Jewish exceptionalism."

Perhaps some other friends of IPMN will start speaking out.

Please see also, "James Wall: At It Again" by David Fischler at Reformed Pastor, and Disturbing Signs of Anti-Semitism in the PC(USA) by Greg Scandlen at Greg Scandlen's American Awakening


will spotts said...

"Perhaps some other friends of IPMN will start speaking out."

I wouldn't hold your breath.

The IPMN's moderator has already termed Wall a "beacon of light". And she did so in an email that was also sent to Linda Valentine and Hunter Farrell.

Like it or not, this is pretty much PC(USA) policy.

will spotts said...

You're right, of course, that this isn't going to end soon. This particular manifestation of hate will continue exactly as long as ordinary Presbyterians permit it.

Viola Larson said...

And what scares me, and it really does scare me, is that it is escalating and will escalate. I do however, believe in prayer. But I also think sometimes God says it is enough.

will spotts said...


Pastor Bob said...

Yep, if something bad happens the Jews must have done something to cause it. Jews as a group are not God but some evil potent (not quite omnipotent) power/being that is out to destroy all good and right thinking humans and all good human culture (like Nazi Germany).

So they must have forced Muslims to fly jets into buildings after rigging the building with explosives so they would collapse. They certainly are the cause of the current world economic recession. And they have caused global warming and the explosion of stars in distant galaxies.

And of course there would be no problem in the Middle East and Muslims would never act out if there was no Israel.

Besides, it's always nice to have someone to blame things on when we do something stupid.

For those who don't know me this was SARCASM!

Bob Campbell
Sharon Hill, PA

Viola Larson said...

Yeah, doesn't it all sound so utterly stupid. I liked the star part. But be careful, one of that crowd will now start a conspiracy theory that novas are caused by the Jews.