Friday, November 19, 2010

The PC (U.S.A.) slipping into the dark world of extreme anti-Semitism ... UPdate

Without a glance over their shoulder, with memories of a past that embraced Presbyterian fairness, goodness and the righteousness of Christ’s kingdom, the Israel/Palestine Mission Network is moving the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) into the dark world of extreme anti-Semitism. On their Facebook page they are now featuring an article from a site titled, Veterans Today.

The site is full of radical anti-Semitic statements, even ones that blame the Jews for 9-11. For instance this from one article:

Anyone still dumb enough to pay Jewish income taxes should examine the back of his canceled check to the IRS. It will say, “Pay to the order of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.” Why do you suppose it doesn’t designate the IRS or Treasury Department? Why does your tax money go to a private, profit-making English corporation owned by Jews?

The (first) Bank of the United States lost its charter in 1811. Due to our second war with England in thirty-six years, the War of 1812, it was not possible to charter a second Bank of the United States – owned by the Bank of England! – until 1819, when another twenty-year charter was granted. In 1833, President Jackson cut
off its funds and this private British-Jewish company calling itself the Bank of the United States died six years before its charter would have expired.

People were a lot smarter or more educated in the 19th Century and they would not allow the Congress to create another private, foreign-owned central bank that would profit by lending us our own currency at interest. By 1913, however, the persistence of the Jews finally paid off when Paul Warburg of Germany bribed and manipulated American politicians to pass the Federal Reserve Act, which gave us our third and current private central bank.

Paul Warburg’s brother, Max, was Germany’s chief financial advisor to the Kaiser as well as the head of the German espionage service during World War I, while Paul was on the board of the Federal Reserve – while Germany and America were at war! Only Jews can get away with such wild criminality. (Italics Mine)

This article, JB CAMPBELL: DEFENSE AGAINST ZIONIST AGGRESSION has a warning that it is a “highly controversial document and is only posted for the information. (I guess we all need false slanderous information.) It was posted by Gordon Duff who is the Senior Editor at Veterans Today.

He also posted and wrote this GORDON DUFF: DEAR GERALDO RIVERA, 9/11 MURDER IS NOT A JOKE (3 videos), which has this:

Covering up 9/11 is key to Israel’s foreign policy. If they are blamed, America will turn on them as journalist Franklin Lamb warned this week. Rivera, an Israeli citizen, has reason to have an agenda especially since he works for Fox News, owned by Rupert Murdoch, another Israeli citizen. Rivera? Murdoch?

Simply put, if 9/11 was an inside job, Israel was there every step of the way and so was Fox News. Now they are trying to “spin” the story, control it, make murder a joke.

The article the Israel/Palestine Mission Network highlighted is, ERIC CANTOR AND THE PROVOKING OF AMERICAN ANTI-SEMITISM : Veterans Today, is by Dr. Lawrence Davidson. It was posted by Debbie Menon who according to Veterans Today among other things, “is committed to exposing Israel Lobbies control of ‘U.S. Middle East Policy. Control’ which amounts to treason by the Zionist lobbies in America and its stooges in Congress, and that guarantees there can never be a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, only catastrophe for all, in the region and the world.”

The article itself insists that Eric Cantor committed treason when “He [Cantor] made clear that the Republican majority understands the special relationship between Israel and the United States, and that the security of each nation is reliant upon the other.”

You will need to read the rest of the article to see how the author managed to come to his conclusion about treason. But I have seen this statement linked to in articles on the IPMN site several places. It is simply an opinion and it not different than other accusations against Jews in other countries particularly during the Nazi years.

That Presbyterian leaders are allowing one of their networks to link, as something worthwhile, to sites like Veterans Today speaks volumes to the lack of care, discipline and concern for Christ’s kingdom. We have lost our way, may Christ guide us back to a place of integrity.

UPdate: Another post by David Fischler on this subject with information I did not have:
IPMN: Into the Sewer
Hat-tip to David Fischler at the Reformed Pastor, see USCEIO + Veterans Today: Down the Memory Hole and USCEIO: Friend and Ally of Anti-Semites (UPDATED).


Pastor Bob said...

Very interesting group, VT. I read some of their stuff. Antisemitic is too mild a word. The Germans were doing great under Hitler until the Jews got the US, Great Britain and the Soviet Union to destroy it?

Also very, very weird. And very, very scary.

Viola Larson said...

That's why I used the words extreme anti-Semitism, I didn't know what words to use. Devilish?

They now have a video right at the top of their page showing how Israel brought down the two towers.

Dan Saperstein said...

I don't see evidence that IPMN is embracing Anti-Semitism (a racist ideology as opposed to a political ideology such as Anti-Zionism), but including the post on their FB page does show a distinct lack of judgment. The VT "About Us" page says, "We believe the majority of the members of our government, elected and appointed including our Supreme Court, currently serve agendas absent loyalty to the American people and the Constitution." People of sound judgment shouldn't give credence to paranoiacs.

reformedpastor said...

Dan: IPMN may not be "embracing" anti-Semitism, but it is unquestionably playing footsie with those who spew it. My own research is making clear that there has been an increasing blurring of the lines between criticism of Israel's actions, anti-Zionism (an ideology that says, in essence, that the Palestinians should have a state of their own but Jews should not), and anti-Semitism. One result of that has been that there is an increasing willingness to work with and borrow from some unsavory and even unbalanced people, just because they happen to be on the same side of the Israel-Palestine issue.

David Fischler
Woodbridge, VA

Viola Larson said...

I do appreciate that you see the lack of judgment in linking to that site. However, almost every day I go to the IPMN Facebook site and see bad links. Nothing has been that bad but still bad. And the comments by one particular staff person is always disparaging of Israel and even of Jews in particular. It is just not right for this continual drift toward hate by an organization that is supposed to represent all of us.

will spotts said...

I think the distinction between anti-Zionism and antisemitism is very difficult to maintain.

It is, in theory, quite possible - antisemitism being either religious or ethnic animus, anti-Zionism merely being political opposition to a Jewish state. But in point of fact, there are several troubling overlaps between the two.

For one thing, racial and religious bigotry are often, in antisemitism, part of a political ideology. Nazism, for example, was thoroughly political. So to say something is a political issue does not automatically prevent it from also embracing racial and religious bigotry.

Also, the singularity of the political issue of anti-Zionism screams bias. In the literature, I have NEVER encountered opposition to things like the 56 member nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference - so I can't imagine that opposition to Zionism is opposition to a religiously identified state. Equally, I have never encountered opposition to the existence of the Arab league or its 22 member states. So I must conclude that the objection is not to a self-identified ethnically based state. It seems the objection in anti-Zionism is solely to a JEWISH State. This doesn't demonstrate antisemitism but it does raise a very serious question.

will spotts said...

Additionally - there is a very clear overlap in the use of sources. Anti-Zionists freely use antisemitic sources. They seem unperturbed by this. More to the point, they DO NOT seem to vet these sources for religious or ethnic based bias. Clearly, antisemites are also anti-Zionists, but that does not mean that their works should be endorsed, embraced, quoted, used as is they were accurate sources by other anti-Zionists if these want to avoid the pitfalls of antisemitism. The very fact that the IPMN and many other "anti-Zionists" have no issue using those sources indicates a problem.

Then there is the issue of the terminology overlap between the two. In the PC(USA) literature (prior to the IPMN - from the offices of the PC(USA) - ACSWP, Washington Office, etc.) there was a recent switch in language used. Early in this decade they spoke of the "powerful Jewish lobby". Now they speak of the "Zionist lobby". Earlier in the decade they talked about Jews and Jewish groups in general stereotypical terms. Now they do so with less frequency - they have replaced the word "Jew" with the word "Zionist". I'm not sure this passes muster for a genuine improvement. To an observer it would appear to simply be a product of increasing sophistication only - learning to more adequately veil their meanings.