Monday, November 29, 2010

I want to scream, draw close to Jesus and get away from such monsters (Update)

James Wall, in his article, ,writes that my friend David Fischler and I are telling lies when we accuse him of being a writer for anti-Semitic web sites. And he defends one person whose site he writes for, “One US Presbyterian blogger, for example, has accused Debbie Menon, a blogger located in Dubai of linking to a ”horribly anti-Semitic site”, not mine in this case, but another blog, bringing back the old “guilt by association” line of attack.” That was my posting, Please share my anger: IPMN, James Wall & hanging Jewish people . [1]

Wall also writes, “The website Veterans Today is not a “sludge-bucket”. It is a progressive website that sees injustice and calls it for what it is, which explains why these days, I find myself more at home with my new friends at Veterans Today and My Catbird Seat than with any Presbyterian blogger who has failed to realize that the Israeli occupation is a moral evil which must be ended. Perhaps this is a new ecumenism of the faithful.”

This is an article just published at Veterans Today, “Dam of Lies.” It is written by J. Bruce Campbell, a staff writer for Veterans Today. Here are some of his thoughts from the article:
Disgrace and redemption. The disgrace is of course our acceptance of Jewish domination of our lives, thanks entirely to the mind control system of tax-exempt Christianity in which we are all immersed regardless of our piety, our agnosticism or our hard, heathen rejection. America is a Christian nation and that means that we have not been allowed to defend ourselves against Jews. Christianity protects Jews from being killed, which is its main purpose. That’s why it is tax-exempt.
Or this:

Jewish mind control isn’t limited to Christians, of course. It’s just based on Christianity, which is the necessary ingredient. If it weren’t for Christian gullibility there could be no Holocaust guilt and extortion racket. That is, if it weren’t for the Old Testament there could be no New Testament. Are we really expected to believe the crazy whoppers in the Old Testament? They’re as wild as the Holocaust whopper. The New Testament people are told to love the Old Testament people, whom the Jews pretend to be, even to themselves. This is the schizophrenic nature of Judeo-Christianity. Old Testament-New Testament.
And very sadly, this:

Germany was the good side. That’s the big bitter pill that Americans will someday have to swallow. Now that the vicious fairy tale known as the Holocaust has been shown to be a complete fabrication of the Jewish Allies (America, England and the Soviet Union) at Nuremberg, what exactly is there to dislike about Germany’s behavior before, during and after World War II? Those snappy uniforms? Hitler’s mustache? Rounding up Jewish declared enemies and trying to deport them?
I hope my readers are sick enough now to realize that James Wall’s connection to and defense of Veterans Today places him in the same category as Nazis. And it also places the Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in the same category if they keep linking to Wall’s articles or to Veterans Today.

I amit, I want to scream all kinds of things! Draw closer to Jesus and get away from such monsters. Of course pray for them; they are walking in fire, preparing to burn down all the great blessings Christ has showered on his church. And yes I am writing about both James Wall and the IPMN.

This, below, is from Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. It is Bonhoeffer’s reaction when he heard about the burning of Jewish synagogues and businesses on what was called, Kristallnacht during the early Nazi years.

In the Bible that day or the next, Bonhoeffer was reading Psalm 74. This was the text he happened to be meditating upon. What he read startled him, and with his pencil he put a vertical line in the margin to mark it, with an exclamation point next to the line. He also underlined the second half of verse 8. ;Sie verbrennen alle Häuser Gottes im Lande’ (‘They burned all of God’s houses in the land.) Next to the verse he wrote: 9.11.38. Bonhoeffer saw this as an example of God speaking to him, and to the Christians in Germany. God was telling him something through his Word that day, and as he meditated and prayed, Bonhoeffer realized that the synagogues that had been burned in Germany were God’s own. This was when Bonhoeffer most clearly saw the connection: to lift one’s hand against the Jews was to lift one’s hand against God himself. The Nazis were attacking God by attacking his people. The Jews of Germany were not only not God’s enemies; they were his beloved children.” (316)

The author, Eric Metaxas, goes on to give more of the scripture that Bonhoeffer used and then to explain that this did not mean that Bonhoeffer as a Christian thought he was not to take the gospel to the Jews. No, on the contrary this was one more thing he had to fight for. But please remember “To lift one’s hand against the Jews was to lift one’s hand against God himself.”

[1]I tried writing a comment on Wall’s posting. He of course did not post it.

Update: On the comment section of James Wall's posting is a comment by Noushin Framke who is chair of the IPMN Communications group. Also the IPMN have linked to James Wall's article.
Noushin Framke
November 30, 2010 at 6:51 am
"Jim,Not all Presbyterians in the U.S. are blindly defending Israel as if it answers to an unearthly law. Israel, the nation, needs to be held to the same standards as we hold all other nations. Those who are working themselves into a lather about calls like yours to hold Israel accountable are just showing how effective your clarion call is. The more effective you are, the louder they get. Let them foam at the mouth and spin their wheels while defending egregious human rights violators. There are plenty of Presbyterians with you! see here:"

This is the comment that IPMN have placed with the link to Wall's article: "Israel Palestine Mission Network Americans who speak out against Israeli human rights violations are villified - please support Jim Wall's latest post on his site!"


Anonymous said...

Just don't know how you do it dear Viola. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob protect and encourage you.


Debbie said...

What? I just read James Wall's blog posting. James Wall doesn't think that Veterans Today is anti-Jewish when it says stuff like that? Has God made him blind the way God made Pharaoh blind?

Debbie Berkley
Bellevue, WA

Presbyman said...

Sigh ... these Israel-bashers always throw out their red herrings. Your postings are not about "blindly defending" Israel. They are about calling out anti-Semites and their fellow travelers. I am glad you and David Fischler are demonstrating this moral courage. The obsessive rantings of the PC(USA)'s own Israel-bashers are an embarrassment to the rest of us.

John Erthein
Erie, PA

John McNeese said...
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Viola Larson said...

I hope they do to, but I have to say you have just crossed a line if you are not bothered by what I posted. And notice I said that article was written by a staff person of Veterans Today. The main Editor agrees with him.

Viola Larson said...

I meant John McNeese.

reformedpastor said...

John M.: "Can't take the criticism?" You're kidding, right? You really can't be that obtuse, can you?

Our responses to Wall have had little to do with what he said about us. It had everything to do with his defense of an open sewer spewing hate and lunacy. Rather than snark at Viola and me for actually doing the work (and disgusting work it is, too) of seeing VT and MCS for what they are, maybe you should take some time and see if these are really the kind of people you want to applaud as well.

David Fischler
Woodbridge, VA

John McNeese said...
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reformedpastor said...

John M.: Consider for a moment what your reaction would be if someone called Mein Kampf "over the top." Wouldn't you say to yourself, "that person has lost all his moral bearings?" Yeah, me too.

David Fischler
Woodbridge, VA

Viola Larson said...

John this quote below was taken from My Catbird Seat. You don’t think there is anything wrong with it?

“This is the way the world is, and this is Israel, the remorseless, unprincipled barbaric in the most and truest sense, of nations. I think the ruthless barbaric sense of superiority and invincibility Israel is, is in the myth of their “Nation” if not their blood, for there is no such thing as an ethnic or blood Jew or “people.” These God’s chosen people? My God!

I tire of this charade, and it is time someone began calling these shenanigans, what it is, spades are spades, and naming Zionist Israelis for what they are and, not simply calling them to account, but going to their house, knocking on their door, dragging them out, holding their feet to the fire and calling them to account… at the end of a figurative rope if necessary, and virtual ropes if at all possible!”

How about this by Gordon Duff. It is posted on Catbird, as I think I have already stated he thinks that the Israelis brought down the twin Towers.

“The “Iraq War Log” was, well…phony. There is one thing that has been consistent about Wikileaks and our prediction is that this next batch, reputed to be millions of highly sensitive documents, will prove our point. Wikileaks is Israel.

Wikileaks is an intelligence operation to weaken and undermine the American government, orchestrated from Tel Aviv, using dozens of operatives, dual citizens, some at the highest authority levels, spies for Israel. Through leaking carefully selected intelligence along with proven falsified documents, all fed to a controlled press, fully complicit, Wikileaks is, in fact, an act of war against the United States.”

What about this, another article on Wikileaks by Jonathan Azaziah. The title is WIKILEAKS IS ZIONIST POISON: Undeniable facts about Zionism.

“Where are the leaks on the 55 Zionist companies profiting from Iraqi blood being spilled (23)? Where are the leaks on Iraq’s artifacts being stolen by Zionist agents (24)? Where are the leaks on hundreds of Mossad agents operating in Mosul (25)? Where are the leaks on the Mossad bomb-making facility in Kirkuk (26)? Where are the leaks on the Mossad murderers stationed in several villages around the devastated area of Fallujah (27)? Where are the leaks on the depleted-uranium-tipped IEDs of Zionist-owned Zapata Engineering that have massacred thousands in Najaf, Karbala and Tal Afar, just to name a few (28)? Where are the leaks on the Israeli arms dealers supplying weapons to CIA-trained death squads (29)? Where are the leaks on Zionist war criminal Paul Wolfowitz importing Shin Bet torture experts to train the US military (30)? Where are the leaks on Mossad conducting interrogations and torture in Iraq jails, including Abu Ghraib (31)? Where are the leaks that will actually tie the illegal war, which was exclusively designed by Zionists, to Israel? They don’t exist because Wikileaks isn’t concerned with uncovering the truth regarding the real criminals; they’re concerned with leading the public away from the truth to keep them under control. It’s COINTELPRO all over again.”

And now I feel icky again swimming in all of the muck.

John McNeese said...
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John said...

I have just read "Dam of lies". Yes, I want to scream! All I can say is, thank God I am no longing a member of the PCUSA. This is a disgrace and all members of the PCUSA should be ashamed. How can the the IPMN link anything to Wall who writes articles for this website? I also noticed that you have members like John McNeese that seem to agree with some of these articles. What a joke the PCUSA has become. I do not think God or the Jewish people are laughing.

John Scavarda

John McNeese said...

Tou people are just as looney on the right as Campbell is on the left.

Pastor Bob said...

I love it. The Germans were right all along? I bet the Poles, Checkoslovaks, Ukrainians, etc would disagree. But of course Poland was controlled by Jews, right? And there was no holocaust.

I'm not sure where the idea comes from that Campbell is a progressive. He says if it hadn't been for the Jews we would have (or should have) fought with the Germans against the Russians.