Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gay curriculum for the primary school children of San Francisco

I am breaking into my Wicca series to post this. I said to someone not very long ago that troubles for Christians and the Church were coming so fast it took my breath away.

The Bay Area Reporter, a gay newspaper, had this report on their site today.

"A new Web site developed by the San Francisco Unified School District's health program quietly launched this month, providing resources for safe classrooms for students and educators alike.
The site apparently was launched in March and is part of the district's broader diversity curriculum.

Separately, the district is moving forward on its formal family diversity curriculum that the school board originally approved in 1992. Those lessons include books that show children being raised by same-sex parents.

The Web site – at – is meant to give educators tools and resources to address LGBT topics by creating a repository of current information and curriculum. It also will provide staff with resources to support a safer learning environment for all students."

This is about a site made available by the San Francisco School Board with curriculum provided by the School Board to teach primary school children about diversity (LGBT) in families. While their desire to teach children not to tease or put-down or harass is commendable the idea of offering young children in a public school a curriculum that gives absolutes on what a family consist of is horrendous.

Here is the page that has the curriculum on it, although the books and reading material does not seem to be available. Go

Here are some questions from part of the curriculum called
Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, which is designed for even kindergarden children.

"Programs Department Student Support Services San Francisco Unified School District 3 Part Two: Reading/Discussion “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding”

• Introduce the book, Uncle Bobby’s Wedding. Show the students the cover of the book, read the title, and ask students to predict what the story will be about.

• Briefly review the brainstorm list before reading Uncle Bobby’s Wedding to the class. Inform the students that the main character is a guinea pig that experiences a change in her family. Tell them to be aware of the feelings she experiences and how she copes with them.

• Read the story

• Discussion (after reading)

• What change was happening in Chloe’s family? (Her Uncle Bobby was getting married.)

• Do you have two uncles or two aunts who are married? (At this time you might need to state: “This is called gay” and define the term for students.) Students may also state that they have two moms or two dads who are married. Refer to vocabulary list.

• Do you know any other adults who are gay and in a relationship? Are they married?

• What were Chloe’s feelings about the change? (She was sad and jealous.)

• Why was she experiencing those feelings? (She felt that Uncle Bobby wouldn’t have time for her, or that she’d be displaced.)

• How did she express her sadness and jealousy? (She sat apart from the family.)

• How were her feelings resolved? (She spoke to her mother. Uncle Bobby took a walk with her and talked to her, he made her feel reassured. Together with Jamie they went out to eat, to sail, and they planned the wedding – including her as the flower girl.)

• Do you think that Chloe was concerned that her Uncle Bobby was marrying another male? (No, but this will elicit concerns students might have).

• How would you feel if your favorite uncle or aunt was getting married? How would you resolve any negative feelings?"

All LGBT persons should be treated with love, respect and care, Jesus Christ loves them. But children should not be made the guinea pigs for a newly ordered but sinful society. Who will now care about the children and parents who because of their faithness to Jesus will need to gather their children into their arms and say "Jesus loves all people, all children, and you must too. But living as a gay person in a marriage is sinful. God does not want you to do that" ? Jesus Christ will of course be there and he will care.


Clay Allard said...

In some parts of America, this is going to be the mission field. Like it or not, this is where and when Christ has put us.
The test is: can we suffer, as others have suffered, for what we believe is the Truth? If there is any school district that needs faithful Christian parents, it's got to be San Francisco. It is hard-- it isn't as it used to be, or as we wish it to be. But we must accept that it is what it is.

Clay Allard
Dallas, Texas

Viola Larson said...

I understand that Clay.

Anonymous said...

Acceptance is the way of death. As for me and my house, we will not submit to that which is contrary to the Creation Mandate of the God of all life.

You've just given me another good reason to never live in the state of California, Viola! It's time for a home schooling mandate to go forth for all who can and for the rest to band together in private schools if you cannot move from the offending school district.

Marcie said...

Sorry about the poor grammar in my last comment! Oh, and..

Toby Brown
Butler, PA

Viola Larson said...

I do that all the time Toby and think nothing of it. : )

Yes, it’s a good thing there are home schools and charter schools too.

Viola Larson
Sacramento, Ca

Kattie W. Coon said...

I believe it is a good thing that parents have choices as to where to send their kids for school. I am familiar with home schooling and charter schools in my area, and have friends and close relatives who home school. I've also been asked to be a home school teacher. As is the case with any institution though, home schools and charter schools have their good points and their bad points.

Huntsville, Al

Indygo Wolf said...

When I have children (because someday I will) I would be sickened by any Christian or any person of another faith who told my children I am wrong for loving my wife.Your Bible needs to change with the times lest you fall behind. If God found us wrong we would not be around. People fear what they do not understand and THAT is why homosexuality was condemned by the men who wrote (and edited) the Bible.


Viola Larson said...

Hi Indygo,
I just read your blog. It is great. I thought I should tell you, (I have been gardening for many years now) not all pumpkin blossoms will turn into pumpkins, just the female ones with the little fruits on the end. But the male ones are good for frying in a batter. Just make sure that the female blossoms have been pollinated first or you won’t get any pumpkins.
I wasn’t implying that public schools should teach that the practice of same gender sex is sinful, I don’t think they should be talking about it at all.