Thursday, April 23, 2009

Carrie Prejean: integrity and faithfulness

My TV has been off for several weeks due to a room move we are involved in. I did not see this until tonight. I believe Miss California, Carrie Prejean, shone in this interview. Her Christianity is very apparent. The news person, Matt Lauer, who interviewed her was excellent.

It seems like beauty queens are now going to be forced to be fence sitters if they want to win. Don't we want women to be more than pretty? Or are we going back to the empty headed fifties with an immoral gloss.

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I was going to put the last scene of the Robe here, but the video would not work. That is the scene where the hero and his lady face Nero. Why is it that all tormentors, the actors and the real ones seem so alike. But at least the real ones can find redemption in Christ.


Dave Moody said...

idolatry doesn't like to be opposed. Those gods are vengeful puppies...

Dave Moody

Andrea said...

I loved her interview at the end of that clip. It reminds me of the lyrics to a Casting Crowns song:

"What if the armies of the Lord picked up and dusted off their swords, vowed to set the captives free and not let satan have one more?"

How many times do we (in everyday life) have the opportunity to use our swords, yet we let them lie for the cause of political correctness?

What an amazing woman to not only let her voice be heard, but then to explain God's purpose for her was not tied to winning the crown!!

Andrea H.
Sac, CA