Friday, February 27, 2009

UPDATE on the Durban Review Conference. The United States won't be there!

Very good news! The United States will not attend the second Durban Conference due to its attitude toward Israel. The small article is titled "U.S. will not attend U.N. conference on racism." This is the Conference I wrote about in my posting A debate about the Holocaust by a UN sponsored Conference . One of the reporters who wrote about the early planning for the conference suggested that American representatives were allowing the planners to include anti-Semitic material in the document. Apparently the American Representatives were trying to change the document and failed so they have withdrawn from the conference.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) "- The United States will not attend a United Nations conference on racism that critics say will be a forum to criticize Israel and will no longer attend planning sessions for it, a U.S. official said on Friday.
"We will not attend," the official said."

Some times the news is good. Well partially good. If the conference would fold that would be the best news.

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