Thursday, February 19, 2009

Music for the weekend

I will be gone most of tomorrow and at Presbytery Saturday. In the mean time I am going to put up one of my favorite videos of Bob Dylan. The words are:

"The iron hand it ain't no match for the iron rod,
The strongest wall will crumble and fall to a mighty
For all those who have eyes and all those who have
It is only He who can reduce me to tears.
Don't you cry and don't you die and don't you burn
For like a thief in the night, He'll replace wrong with right
When He returns.

Truth is an arrow and the gate is narrow that it
passes through,
He unleashed His power at an unknown hour
that no one knew.
How long can I listen to the lies of prejudice?
How long can I stay drunk on fear out in the
Can I cast it aside, all this loyalty and this pride?
Will I ever learn that there'll be no peace, that the war
won't cease
Until He returns?

Surrender your crown on this blood-stained ground,
take off your mask,
He sees your deeds, He knows your needs even
before you ask.
How long can you falsify and deny what is real?
How long can you hate yourself for the weakness
you conceal?
Of every earthly plan that be known to man,
He is unconcerned,
He's got plans of His own to set up His throne
When He returns"


Unknown said...

Fabulous! I have been on such a hippie music kick lately. (I guess I have my parents to thank for my love of hippie music.) David is concerned because I have been downloading Cowboy Junkies and Peter, Paul & Mary from iTunes. I'm thinking about adding some 2nd Chapter of Acts to the mix...

Andrea Hightower
Sac, CA
(I *almost* forgot again)

Michael Kruse said...

One of my all time Dylan favorites!

Viola Larson said...

What is that verse? "Train up a child in the way they should go and they won't depart from it." What some people don't realize is that Dylan is one of the great poets of the last two centuries.

And its folk music not hippie music : )

Viola Larson said...

Michael, good I like having a few things in common with those I enjoy reading. My musical tastes run a little eclectic so I sometimes wonder if I seem a bit strange to Presbyterians in that area.

Unknown said...

Mayabe if Dylan enunciated his words better, more people would have the chance to understand his poetic skills. At least, that has been my barrier with his music.


Viola Larson said...

I'm not sure this particular song is his-- but it was nice to find the words on the site of the person who posted the video.