Thursday, April 13, 2017

A poem written long ago- for today ...

The Sweetness of Gathering to the Vine

The sweetness of gathering to the wine

is claimed by children resting in a tree

whose root became the food within the vine.


These, childlike made, they bless the cup and dine

upon the fleshy food they cannot see,

and drink the holy bloody wine.


Like sibling children fighting in a line,

who later laugh when by the bell set free,

these happy ones are laughing in the vine.


And raging gods whose deeds their shape confine

have called for war, whose very end shall be

determined by the drinking of the wine.


Go death to death, the children life define;

now blood of saints and Christ's good blood agree

the holy life is living in the vine.


If nails be sharp pursuing flesh to pine,

and wooden burdens bend and bruise the knee,

feast on the broken flesh, drink up the wine;

hold fast the fellowship within the vine.


by Viola Larson


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