Monday, February 6, 2017

The ad that wasn't finished! Up-date

A commercial  played during the Super bowl--but Fox did not allow the ending. Now complete on You Tube.

For a great explanation go to:

UP-Date: From Kelly Minter's Bible Study on refugees: "3 Things Boaz Teaches Us About A Gospel Heart For Refugees"
"When Ruth entered the Israelite town of Bethlehem as a Moabitess she could only hope to meet a landowner who’d have enough pity on her to permit her to glean in his fields. (It’s worth mentioning that Moab’s beliefs and practices stood directly opposed to those of Israel’s.) But Boaz, a wealthy Israelite landowner, did far more than turn a blind eye and permit Ruth on his fields; He prized her. He invited her to sit at his table, offered her a place among his workers, protec...ted her from men who might take advantage of her, allowed her to freely drink from the water the servant’s had drawn. So overwhelmed by Boaz’s kindness, Ruth fell on her face exclaiming, “Why have I found such favor in your eyes that you would notice me, a foreigner?”

A heart left to its natural inclinations might hope that the refugee crisis just goes away, or that other countries will deal with the problem. Or maybe our attitude is that we’re okay if refugees are allowed into our country as long as they keep to themselves. But permitting refugees and prizing them are two different things. Boaz continually showed me that a Gospel heart goes beyond cultural norms, beyond meeting basic needs, beyond what would be considered “enough”. It crosses over into lavish."

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Jodie said...

When "Grapes of Wrath" was written, the LA Times ran an editorial condemning it for the lies it told. It was, of course, a work of fiction. But the Truth it told was so powerful that it was called a lie.

Jodie Gallo
Los Angeles, CA