Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Bible study for women: any suggestions? UP-DATE

Someone, in a comment on my posting The 2016-17 Horizons Bible Study "Who is Jesus? - a continuing review- the introduction, has asked for recommendations for other Bible studies for women. I don’t have, at the time, any recommendations except I have been listening to Ann Voskamp author of The Broken Way: A daring path into the abundant life, and she has a study connected to that book. She has videos that go with the study. I will place the first session below. The study guide can be purchased at Zondervan or on Amazon at 

If any of my readers know of a good Bible study for women please list it in the comment section.

UP-DATE: On the Gospel Coalition site Melissa Kruger under the title A Few of My Favorite Things from 2016 lists not only books and videos but also three Bible studies. They all three sound good; one From Garden to Glory; another on 1 Peter and the last on the book of Romans. Kruger has links to all three. Simply scroll to the end of her posting.


Andrea Hightower said...

I have several books and studies I'm reading right now. One is "Champagne for the Soul" by Mike Mason. It's a study designed to recapture joy and intentionally find happiness in everyday life.

Viola Larson said...

Thank you Andrea. Sounds good.

Anonymous said...

What makes a Bible study "for women" in particular?

Viola Larson said...

Anonymous that is a good question. And because I'm not sure is why I am asking for suggestions. For myself I really prefer just a regular Bible study where those involved choose a certain biblical text and study it using helpful commentaries or study guides. I think though that some want a study that deals with women' issues and that is okay.