Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A late Holocaust Day video:

H.T. a friend

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Anonymous said...

"it never happened, and if you don't shut up it will happen again"

more pithy would be: "it never happened and if you don't shut up it will "never happen" again"

That IS the heart of it.

A shell shocked people can't grieve for a long time. But their children can and do.

Its a complex equation, because instead of grieving we created the State of Israel and sent the survivors away, perhaps to not be reminded by them of what we had allowed to happen, or in some cases, by what we had actually done, and perhaps to also provide some kind or reparation - as if reparation for such a crime was conceivable.

It is still true that our defense of Israel stands in for grieving and repentance.

Maybe that is why the two subjects are so hotly emotional and irrational - Antisemitism and criticism of Israel - and so impossible to untangle.

We haven't properly grieved and repented. We spent 1500 years persecuting the Jews. We can't atone for that in 70, or even 700. We have a debt to pay and it just keeps growing.

Jodie Gallo