Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My thoughts in song on my 73rd birthday ...

I’m one year older today well, it will be yesterday when you read this. It has been a quiet day and tonight I am reminiscing listening to some songs on YouTube and remembering days gone by, mainly Warehouse Ministries’ times when we all, friends and family, attended Saturday Night concerts.  So here are some of my favorite songs from those days. But not the loud ones instead soft and melancholy and prophetic, but full of the gospel.

This one is by Chuck Girard. His concert was one of the very first we attended as a family. He sat at the piano playing, singing on and on, it was one of those times the Holy Spirit could be felt in all of his reality and so Jesus seemed very near. There were some fun songs like "Old Dan Cotton," but "Hear the Angels Sing" is beautiful, like the final curtain coming down except eternity is in the wings.

A fun song, "Sidney the Pirate" is certainly full of the gospel. By Mustard Seed Faith:

I think I have posted this before--"Fool's Wisdom," but it is just right, simple but true:


And one more by these two English musicians. I believe one is a pastor in England now. This last video has three songs from their record "Wildwall." It might be because I'm reading Jeremiah during Lent, and the last two songs remind me of Jeremiah.  This has a song for England, it should be for the United States now also:
So my thoughts in song on my 73rd birthday.


Anonymous said...

HA! I read it while it was still your birthday. Thank you for the good music. I'm glad you had a nice and quiet birthday. <3

Viola Larson said...

Thank you: )