Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time for family: our seventh great granddaughter and so much more ...

Because I have a new great granddaughter, Maxine June Tregilgas, (she is my seventh great granddaughter) I thought it was time to post some family pictures. Here is our newest who was delivered by her father since no one else was there. And after all he had already delivered two calves while interning as a farmer in Maryland: )

Maxine lives with her Mom & Dad and two sisters Molly and Adele, close to a dairy where he works as a milker. It is about an hour away from Hollister California. Here is a picture of Molly sitting in what she calls her castle:
And here is Adele playing in front of their home:
 Living close to home, actually just down stairs are three more beautiful great grandchildren. Here is Luna holding one of the last flowers of fall:
And Liberty contemplating some important idea:
And our sixth great granddaughter Jade Sequoia with her mama and Liberty in the corner. Jade is dressed for Halloween: 

And then there is our beautiful fifth great granddaughter Rosalie who we all think is going to be a great musician like her mother Katie:

I must do another posting with pictures of grandchildren but I will end this with a picture of the area while Maxine's parent's Melissa & Spencer are now living since some have followed Melissa's blog while they traveled on their many adventures. I think it is ruggedly beautiful, a term I have used too often in this post--but they are all beautiful and wonderful gifts from God.

The picture is taken from Claravale Dairy where Spencer works. Their raw milk is the best!


Debbie said...

This was a lovely post. :-)

Patricia Beckman said...

Beautiful family - you are truly blessed!

Pastor Patti Beckman
First Presbyterian Church
Hillsdale, MI