Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grace filled travels and a fun blog-A FreeForm Life

My granddaughter Melissa and her husband Spencer and daughters Molly and Adele are traveling again. They left for New York several years ago and although Spencer had a job and great dancing lessons waiting for him they could not find housing that they could afford. This is their mode of travel for their first trip.

 They came back home and we were glad. But they have traveled here and there since. This is their second trip which was just to visit farms and relatives. Above is Molly on a work horse at one of the farms.

And now they are on their way first to visit Minnesota and Spencer’s Mom and Dad.  But then it’s on to Maryland where they will be interning on a farm. That is something they have been dreaming about for quite a long time. And strangely enough it goes with the art, dancing and acting.  And the goodness and grace of  Jesus is in it all. Here is their mode of transportation now:

And here is their blog which tells all of their stories. I had trouble posting some of the pictures but there are a lot of pictures on the blog. The link, after this posting moves down and away, can be found at the end of my links.

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