Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A merry & holy Christmas

May everyone have a merry & holy Christmas.

My husband and I, our whole family, have special thanks for God’s mercies this Christmas. Our middle son, David, was recently in a very serious car accident. God was merciful. A drunk driver made a wrong turn in front of him. He is still wearing a neck brace and has some arm and foot injuries.

 He is our hopeful movie maker, but also a drummer. When he graduated from high school, because of some tunings and friendships, my husband was able to give him Super Tramp’s old set of drums. That is a happy memory.

It is amazing the interweaving of God’s blessings, in large families. To watch each person move toward that place God intends him and her to be is always exciting. And now it is the grandchildren and their spouses we watch. And coming fast up behind them the great grand children. Five now—all girls.

It is a bountiful and beautiful Christmas—but there is still sadness because others cannot even think of Christmas. They are and will spend the holidays in grief. So there is a place where we enter, in the midst of joy, but still deep sadness—and pray for the comfort and healing of the Lord.

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