Thursday, October 11, 2012

As Francis Schaeffer stated: He is Not Silent

I am thinking of the lord and the work he does in troubled generations, I'm placing some very old Jesus music in this posting. One of my very first experiences with the Warehouse Ministries was when Chuck Girard came to give a concert on a Saturday night. He played on and on-we finally, when it was over, left quieted, we were deeply blessed.

Two fellows from England came often to give concerts. God took these hurt young people, the hippies caught in a drug culture trapped in a promiscuous generation and gave them good news by way of new song writers who carried a prophetic message.

Somewhere, hopefully, is a college professor by the name of Famous-he was one of my professors during the Jesus Movement. Famous had moved a long way away from the Christianity he once professed. I remember during the Idi Amin rule in Uganda, taking a book to class with the title Why I Love Idi Amin; it was written by a bishop in Uganda who lost his fellow bishop to the henchmen of Amin. He understood that he must love because of Christ. Famous asked to see the book asking why the person had to love Amin. I told him it was because of Jesus. Later I took a couple of records and gave them to him. This is a song from one of them-for Famous and anyone else who will listen.

May this generation hear anew-the very good news of Jesus' love and redemption.

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