Monday, March 7, 2011

More news on the Coptic Church in Egypt

Dexter Van Zile is reporting on the attack on a Coptic church which occurred in Egypt several days ago. He has added information about that attack and other attacks on Coptic churches, including information that Muslims intend to build a mosque on the church site. Because the Western Media is not reporting these incidents I feel it is important for Christianss to do so.
Zile article begins:

Anti-Christian Rampage in Egypt Goes Unnoticed

People who follow the #copts or #helwan hashtags on Twitter will know that on Friday, a Church in the town of Sool (or Sol) was attacked by a mob of Muslims. Al Masry Al Youm reports that “Two men have been killed during clashes between Muslims and Christians, which culminated in Muslims setting fire to the Shaidain church in Sol, a security official said on Saturday.

The violence, which so far has received very little coverage in the West, was triggered by a feud between families, which disapproved of a romantic relationship between a Christian man and a Muslim woman.”

And continues to this:

"The Copts are Egyptian citizens, but it appears state officials in Egypt are not all that interested in protecting their rights. After the attack the Egyptian military promised to investigate and rebuild the church in Helwan, but the damage is done and the signal has been sent. Copts are the low-cost target of choice.

After the attack, Coptic Christians and their allies in the Muslim community protested in Tahrir Square. Moreover, some Copts who fled the violence in Helwan were able to find refuge in the homes of their Muslim neighbors.

Run this page from a Coptic news site through google translate and you’ll find indications that the land on which the destroyed church is located is still under the control of rioters – who intend to build a mosque on the ruins of the destroyed church. The military is encouraging the Coptic community to have a new church built somewhere else."

There are links to videos of that and other attacks. We need to keep praying for the Coptic Christians in Egypt that true freedom of religion will finally come to that region.


Jason Huff said...

Viola -

Thank you for these posts. Each time I see one, I pray for the folks involved -- it is a very good reminder that we need to be lifting up our brothers and sisters around the world.

I've noticed that the comments on these kinds of posts are virtually silent. It's really too bad that we all post mostly to argue, rather than to agree on these issues where we do (I think) all see eye to eye.

Viola Larson said...

Thanks Jason,
I agree, prayer and keeping their story before the public is important.

Robert said...

Welcome to the old, new Egypt and the fact that killing Christians and burning churches is not news in the Western press.

Will a new, democratic Egypt put a stop to this? That depends on who takes over.