Sunday, January 23, 2011

Debbie Berkley and a series on Narnia

My friend Debbie Berkley on her blog, "Cloud of Witnesses" is writing and posting a series on C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia. The latest post is "There is No Other," and it is about "The Silver Chair." Debbie is picking out all of the great sections and making comments on them that relate to our Christian walk with Jesus. Such as the one she makes about Aslan, the great Lion, who as a picture of Jesus is the only way to living water:
Christ is there at the stream. It can be frightening to find him there. We might have to make some changes in order to get to that stream. Perhaps we will have to give up some cherished ways of life, some self-indulgences, some habits. We might prefer some other teacher, some other religion.
Another friend, Barb Moody commented on this last posting that the scene where Puddleglum in the underworld burns his hand to shake off the witch's spell, is her favorite. That reminds me that the scene was done in the movie with my favorite Dr. Who playing the Marshwiggle, Puddleglum. I may have posted it before but here it is again:

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