Monday, October 4, 2010

Israel was founded illegally and has the worst record on human rights?

The long piece below is taken from the Israel/Palestine Mission Network. It is about a horrible video displayed on You Tube by an Israeli soldier doing a belly dance around a bound Palestinian Woman. There is no question that this is outrageous and criminal. But how is this outrageous act being used by the IPMN? To plead for peace? To shame the soldier? No, it is being used to defame all of the State of Israel. That is why I have posted the whole interchange between Noushin Framke and Samer Hassouneh.

"Israel Palestine Mission Network There are no words to describe this 1 minute video of an IDF soldier taunting a bound Palestinian woman. BEYOND SHAMEFUL.

YouTube clip shows IDF soldier belly-dancing beside bound Palestinian woman
A number of IDF soldiers have over the last year faced investigation and penalty for documenting themselves performing questionable acts in front of Palestinian prisoners or while on patrol.

Noushin Framke What a country!
7 hours ago ·

Samer Hassouneh Noushin, a country that was founded illegally, came to being by force, and has the worst record for human rights abuses. Not surprising really although still disturbing.
6 hours ago ·

Noushin Framke ‎@Samer : exactly! "

Framke, who is the chair of the communications work group for IPMN, has agreed to several lies in the name of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).
1. Israel was founded illegally
2. Israel came to being by force. (This is a half-lie-Israel came to being by force because she had to fight against the surrounding Arab nations.)
3. Israel has the worst record for human rights abuses.

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