Monday, April 12, 2010

For my Jewish friends and others ...

For My Jewish friends a story in silent films- (For my Christian friends too.) I can't say enjoy the first part but it needs to be shown. You will like the second part. But they go together.

That means prayers for the dead. If you are not Jewish you may not know much about the history of the Holocaust but the caricatures are Nazi propaganda pictures of the Jews and the pictures of the seemingly handsome men, women and children are the Aryan ideals of the Nazis. (My apologies I cannot remove the ads on the video.)

The second is a film with just music and very old film from the beginning days of the State of Israel.

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Pastor Bob said...

The thing that always gets to me about videos like this is the fact that my wife is of Jewish heritage, even though she is a Christian. That makes my children Jews according to the anti semites. In case of antisemitism taking over the US (and don't tell me it can't happen) where would we go? For me and my family it's personal. I don't like many of the government policies of Israel but I want there to be and Israel.

Bob Campbell
Sharon Hill, PA