Saturday, May 2, 2009

Songs of the Lord on a journey

I just returned late last night from Voices of Orthodox Women’s board meeting. As I was thinking of the trip in preparation for a longer trip by train on Monday I thought of how my traveling was surrounded by the Lord’s music. And I thought of how he is truly Lord over all of our journeys.

The beginning of my trip, and I forgot to tell the other board members this part, so hopefully they will read it here, as we were descending over the Denver airport a voice behind me began singing the Non Nobis. It is related to psalm 113. He sang the Latin, which can be found where it is posted at a u-tube video of King
Henry V.

nobis, Domine, non nobis,
[Not to us, Lord, not to us]
Sed nomini tuo da gloriam.
[But to Thy name give the glory]

Before I left the plane I turned to look behind me and a young man was there. I thanked him for his song and hurried out since others were waiting. I did not see him again.

Devotional time with VOW also included the beautiful hymns of the Church. The first morning we sang, “I Greet Thee, Who my Sure Redeemer Art,” and the second “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.”

Returning to Sacramento very late; my husband greeted me with a new CD in the car. We hardly talked but listened as he drove. It was from the best of the Prom Praises in Britain. (
online video of Prom Praise) If you are not aware of the Proms in Great Britain, they are a series of concerts in the summer which accumulate into the last night of each type.

They are a joy to attend. I have attended one in London’s Royal Albert Hall. It was an orchestra/piano concert Prom. Another time I attended the last Prom in Oxford. That one was extremely fun, as they played, at the end, Scottish folk music with the audience stomping their feet, and then “Rule Britannica” and “God Save the Queen” with everyone waving small flags and balloons.

But I had not heard of the Praise Proms. One of the songs is “Glory in the Highest” sang to the tune of Pomp & Circumstance March No.1. One of the verses is:

Jesus Christ is Risen, God the Father’s Son!
With the Holy Spirit, you are Lord alone!
Lamb once killed by sinners, all our guilt to bear.
Show us now your mercy, now receive our prayer.
Show us now your mercy, now receive our prayer.

Just think of that sung to the tune of Pomp & Circumstance.

And that wonderful Welch hymn that is the cornerstone of the Welsh Revival, “Here is Love.” The version on the CD has two newer verses written by William Edwards (1842-1929).

Through the years of human darkness,
shone the Lamp the prophets trimmed,
making known redemptions story.
of the love of God undimmed.
Christ for every tongue and nation!
All must come beneath his sway;
His the everlasting kingdom
That shall never pass away.

When the stars shall fall from heaven,
And the sun turn black as night,
When the skies recede and vanish,
And the elements ignite,
Then the Son of Man in glory,
Coming as the Morning Star,
Shall return to claim his loved ones,
Gathered in from near and far.

Jesus Christ is Lord!

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