Monday, July 25, 2011

Is this anti-Semitic? Does it matter?

If you read this statement:
“Netanyahu, like most other Israeli leaders, is a pathological liar who lies as often as he breathes oxygen. He knows deep in his heart that what Israel has been doing and the way it has been behaving ever since its birth 63 years ago represents the ultimate contradiction to true Christian values, the values that Jesus preached and because of which he incurred the wrath of the Jewish establishment of his time.”

Along side this statement about the horrible terrorist attack in Norway:

“Who gains and loses from every terror incident must also be asked, certainly not suspects charged, convicted and imprisoned. Geopolitical interests are central. This time Western and Israeli ones are key.”

Plus this statement about the same attacks:

“I am not in a position at present to firmly point a finger at Israel, its agents, or its sayanim -- but assembling the information together, and considering all possibilities may suggest that Anders Behring Breivik might indeed, have been a Sabbath Goy.

Within its Judaic mundane-societal context, the Sabbath Goy is simply there to accomplish some minor tasks the Jews cannot undertake during the Sabbath. But within the Zion-ised reality we tragically enough live in, the Sabbath Goy kills for the Jewish state. He may even do it voluntarily."

And that author pointing to another author (at Veterans Today) who wrote:

"Israel has two difficulties with Norway that would be handled with a “false flag” terror attack. Certainly Anders Behring, the suspect in custody could easily be managed in a number of ways, led, perhaps assisted, augmented as it were. Any intelligence agency can do such things. One probably did. Israel’s difficulties are:

Norway’s national oil company has decided to boycott Israel because of the violence in Gaza. This is a huge issue with Israel, seen as a threat to their national security and is likely to draw a violent response. A car bomb near their oil company headquarters is very much a standard warning, “government to government” as it were. Adding the slaughter of children to it is a Mossad signature."
And if you knew that all of these quotes came from various articles on the same news and opinion site except the last one would you link to one of the articles as a reliable article?

The Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) did link to the one with that third quote. The article, Was the Massacre in Norway a reaction to BDS?, was written by Gilad Atzmon. And Atzmon placed the link to Veterans Today and its Senior Editor, Gordon Duff’s article, “Norway Notes – Updated: Breaking Story the second tragedy is the lies,” in his article. Atzmon is also on the staff of Veterans Today. That is where my last quote came from.

The rest of the articles came from MWC News: Media With Conscience. They use many of the same writers as Veterans Today the site that uses veteran’s news articles and helps as a front for its rabid anti-Semitism.

Now having read all of these articles and knowing that IPMN keeps linking to Veterans Today and other sites that use the same writers I have to say that I do not apologize for writing my last posting on IPMN entitled, An example of the German Christians of 1933 ..... although someone has suggested I should be defrocked (whatever that means for a ruling elder?).1 When members of IPMN keep up this kind of unfruitful contention I must repeat:

"The Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the PC(U.S.A.) is the American post-modern example of Germany’s 1933 German Christians. When I close my eyes and envision members I can’t help but see them in German Church attire giving the Hitler salute. I realize this is a very insulting thing to write but their lack of concern for who they link to on their Facebook page is either a case of extreme ignorance or absolute hatefulness."

And I have something more to say. To identify oneself or one’s organization as Christian and continue to uphold such awful propaganda about the Jewish people is to deny the Lord of the Church. Jesus reminded the woman at the well that “salvation is from the Jews.”

Many members of the IPMN, are, perhaps, unconsciously, some outright, holding a grudge and even hatred against the Jews. They will not be the people to help bring peace to the Middle East. They cannot, because they have lost the kind of perspective that is needed to bring the two sides together. They may speak to the church as their motto states, but the Church must stop listening to them. In humility, before Jesus Christ, we have sin to confess.

Hat tip to David Fischler at Reformed Pastor, Exploiting the Norwegian Tragedy
[1] Scroll down on the defrocked link.

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Anonymous said...

Do it once, you can be excused for ignorance. Do it twice, and maybe you're just letting things slide. The IPMN has linked over and over again to people whose agenda is not reconciliation in the Holy Land, but the destruction of Israel, and who believe that Israel is the fount of all evil in the world today. IPMN can no longer be excused on the basis of ignorance, or even the blindness that results from upholding a righteous cause. They have made clear that they agree with the anti-Semites and the conspiracy theorists. They should have no more of a place in a mainline denomination than white supremacists or wife-beating misogynists, and it says something about how far the rot has gone in the PCUSA that the IPMN is still a recognized caucus with access to denominational resources. Thanks for the extra quotes and the coverage, Viola.

David Fischler
Woodbridge, VA