Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wallstreet and anti-Semitism

At this time in our history-we need awareness, concern and prayers. A movement moving toward anti-Semitism?

I placed another video here but it was asking for calls to leaders and that isn't something I want to do on my blog. There are other videos of anti-Semitism and the Occupy Wallstreet Movement on YouTube.

Found at The PJ Tatler

This was posted on PJ Tatler by Zombie-who in a comment explained how some use the phrase Zionist Jew:

"The phrase “Zionist Jew” is a euphemism used by modern far-leftists and American Islamists to substitute for the less acceptable “dirty Jew.”

Technically, a “Zionist Jew” is a Jew who supports the existence of Israel, but the Jew-haters use that as an identifying factor to classify any pro-Israel Jews as the enemy, while the self-hating brainwashed far-left anti-Israel Jews have sufficiently de-Jew-ified themselves to be acceptable.

But as soon as you hear the phrase “Zionist Jew” coming out of someone’s mouth, you know they are attempting to euphemize their anti-Semitism. It’s the phrase used by radical Islamists in America and Europe, so they can claim they’re not really against all Jews, you see, just “Zionist” Jews. This also gives cowardly Jews a way out — if only you were to drop your support of Israel, then we won’t kill you in the next Holocaust!
The most hateful speakers I’ve ever heard all used the phrase “Zionist Jews.”


Debbie said...

If you watch this video on YouTube, and choose to see "All Comments", many of the racist anti-Jewish comments posted are astounding and disgusting.

Viola Larson said...
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Viola Larson said...

I see that now that you pointed it out. I wonder if the Internet isn't helping anti-Semitism to grow.

Anonymous said...

Don't fall for it, Viola,

See the following commentary on The Jewish Journal

"And now the “age-old stereotype” is back, flipped on its head by right-wingers who seek to discredit Occupy Wall Street by accusing it of anti-Semitism, an accusation based on the idea, as Foxman said, “widely accepted by many Americans,” that Wall Street is Jewish."

Viola Larson said...

I went to the piece and read it. It is an opinion piece and is rather contorted. While taking old anti-Semitic lies and showing how they were used in the past, it distorts their use in this case.

I did start to use the other video they had up but I didn’t like it either. It was way too political. However there are other ones out there although they are not well filmed and edited so I did not use them. I think it is important to give warnings about this and important to be discerning. The words the woman utters in the video I posted did not come out of nothing.
Please do not post again unless you put your name and city/state.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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