Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An Israeli American student speaks about divestment

On March the 25th, I wrote of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement attempting to make inroads onto universities in the United States. I pointed out in the article that the BDS movement in reality is pushing for there to be no Israel at all as some of their signs and words suggest, that is, they say “Palestine: from the Ocean to the Sea.” Some of the actions have been successful, some have not. The University of Michigan’s Student government said no to divestment.  
This is a video of an Israeli American student, Dafna Razz, who spoke at the university’s debate. Her family has lived in the holy land many years before the birth of Israel. Follow carefully her family’s history, it tells a true story and undergirds the understanding that there are two sides to this conflict and both are hurting. 

 And as a University of Michigan professor, Yael Aronoff, in another video, points out BDS resolutions make the matter a battle between a saint and a monster when this just isn’t true.

Razz points out the divisiveness such a resolution brings and questions the moral right of a student government to make such a decision for the whole student body.

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