Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hailing satan & the Anchoress's good words

The Anchoress has it just right! This was all over Twitter last night during the demonstrations and speeches of those who are pro-life. They had come to Austin to let the House State Affairs Committee know how they felt about the bill that would limit abortion to those performed before the unborn reach twenty weeks. I watched the video and was uncertain about how to react. The pro-lifers are singing “Amazing Grace.” Those who are prochoice were chanting hail satan.

But as I said Elizabeth Scalia, the Anchoress, said it just right:

You get a gang of already pumped up, hysterical (and in some cases terribly, terribly young) idolators fully indoctrinated to the creed and the church of the Idol-of-I, and start singing “Amazing Grace” you’re striking at a jugular vein of the idol and the hysterics — having nothing to fall back on but the empty creed of self-worship, which contains no grace at all — have no depth in their recourse. All they have left in their bag of tricks is shock and chaos.

Last night they fell back on “shock.” Chaos will come later, and believe me, a mindless, stupidly spiteful chanting of “hail satan” won’t be the half of it.

They know not what they do, though — very likely those who are not being paid to be useful idiots for The Party are members of The Church of What’s Happening Now, who can’t resist an urge to participate in this week’s “be-in”.

The rest is just right also so go and read, “Hail Satan?” The Scud Missile that is “Amazing Grace
The Anchoress has her own beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace. Be sure and listen to that too. But I think I will be more Presbyterian with bag pipes.


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