Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not killing, just terminating ... meat in a crockpot!

The Western nations and in particular the United States are developing a group of people who are not unlike the Nazi doctors of Germany. Their mindsets are formed and forming along lines that see the killing of the innocent and helpless as a service that renders the rest of society healthier.  These doctors, nurses, medical ethicist, aides, etc. are developing and promoting the kind of evil that grows an extremely sick society. They have begun their thoughts with those little humans who should be safely nestled in their mother’s womb. But such evil does not forever reside in hidden places.

Many abortionists and their staff have recently began formulating their dark concepts of human worthiness around the just born, or those who survive abortion. In an evil tomorrow such thoughts will engulf a whole society. We will all begin thinking that the other is a problem not a person. Let us end this now before our whole society is rendered unfit for the sake of a few elite.

The video below is by Live Action and you can read more about it on

A good book to read is The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide by Robert Jay Lifton.

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