Monday, April 22, 2013

A concert called Firewind

In the seventies, when my family and I were attending Warehouse Ministries in Sacramento, a part of the Jesus movement, as I have written before, many of the musicians who were finding new life in Christ came there to give concerts. Barry McGuire who was well known for his song “Eve of Destruction,” and who sang with the Christie Minstrels had become a vibrant Christian and often sang at Saturday night concerts. Keith Green, John Talbot (before he became a Catholic) and his brother Terry Talbot also gave concerts there. At one point in time they began planning an album about the Book of Acts and Pentecost. It was Firewind.
They planned a concert at a school where they would sing some of the music before recording it. This was to be a concert that required buying tickets something that the Warehouse never did. I lined up with a group to buy tickets, feeling a little guilty since my husband had just had back surgery and we were living on almost no income. But when it was my turn to purchase a ticket I was told that someone ahead of me had paid for our tickets. So I have more than one reason to remember the concert.

The main reason I remember the concert was because the music was so good. You can imagine with all of the great sixties and seventies musicians that were performing.  When they did make the album they included the members of Second Chapter of Acts. I did have a tape of the concert—many years ago—and long ago lost. And for some reason I never got the album. So when I found, a few weeks ago, that someone had recorded each song separately I was extremely pleased.

One of my favorite songs on the album is sung by McGuire, “Die for my Jesus”:

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