Wednesday, February 1, 2012

George Beverly Shea is 103 today!

George Beverly Shea is 103 today. This is an interview:
BGEA: Celebrating 103 Years of Sweet Sounds

Part of the interview is:
"A/ I was born in 1909 in Winchester, Ontario, where my dad served as pastor of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Six of us were born during that time, and when I was 8, we moved to upstate New York. My mother was a church organist, and at home we had a piano that came from England. Mother played it so beautifully. She instilled in all of us a love for the old hymns. She would wake us up oft-times in the morning with an old song titled, “Singing I Go.” She would play an E-flat chord, and we would hear her voice: Singing I go along life’s road/For Jesus has lifted my load."

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