Monday, January 9, 2012

Prayers for Fremont Presbyterian Church today

Please pray for Fremont Presbyterian Church today. This evening, 1-9-2012, the Sacramento Presbytery will vote on whether to put an administrative Commission over the church or not. The Church‘s Session, pastors and a majority of the congregation voted to leave the PC (U.S.A.) and go to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. While the October 17 vote was 427 to leave and 164 to stay, there has been an ongoing push by a very small group, calling themselves the Fremont Faithful Fellowship, to be allowed to keep the property. And although the majority is concerned about many doctrinal issues including a growing universalism (One does not need to belong to Jesus to be saved), a willingness to ordain those who live together without marriage (fornication) and LGBT ordination, the smaller group is desirous that the church allow LGBT ordination.

I have written about this here Prayers for Fremont Presbyterian Church: an Administrative Commission and here Threats of loss towards those who want to leave: seduction for all others.

I will update this later in the evening after the vote.

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